Quick Start Stationery Design Guide | Turn Your Stationery Items Into Brand Ambassadors – Design Tips For Photographers

Quick Start Stationery Design Guide | Turn Your Stationery Items Into

Quick Start Stationery Design Guide | While most photographers nowadays will have you believe that print is dead, that’s far from being the truth. Sure, you have emails, texts, IMs, and whatnots, but nothing beats a well-crafted business letter on a piece of custom stationery. Whether you’re reaching out to potential clients or sending a thank you card to the existing ones, they’ll surely notice the difference between a letter with a custom letterhead and a letter written on the generic photocopier paper.

Quick Start Stationery Design Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Even though we’d like to believe that people do not judge books by their covers, that’s simply not true. When you reach out to your potential clients, the letter is your book cover, and they’ll start forming an opinion about you from the moment they get the envelope, or when you hand them your business card at a networking event. The effect stationery items have is so powerful that it can be the critical difference between a potential client hiring you or choosing another photographer. To help you leave the best impression possible, we put together a list of vital tips for ridiculously effective stationery items. Let’s dive right in!

There Are Stationery Items For Business Owners, And Then There Are Stationery Items For Photographers | Quick Start Stationery Design Guide

If you want your photography business to stand out, you will need a brand. Think of your brand as a buttoned-up image of your business you want to convey to your potential clients – and what better way to do it than with custom business stationery. A quick run to the nearest stationery store, however, is never a good idea: you’re a part of a creative industry and items such as your business cards, thank you notes, letterhead, USB boxes, your email signature, and most importantly, your logo have to be able to convey all your creativity.

Quick Start Stationery Design Guide | Turn Your Stationery Items Into

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Your Logo Is The Face Of Your Business | Quick Start Stationery Design Guide

Whatever you might have heard before, you simply cannot start building a brand until you have the most essential building block sorted out – your logo. Yes, logos are vitally important in the world of business, even if you’re a photographer. While your images will represent you and your business, a well-designed logo will help you stand out in the saturated photography industry and secure those potential gigs.

Logos can be as simple as your name in a custom font, or an intricate combination of fonts and graphic elements – but whichever way you choose to go, you will want to make sure your logo is clearly featured on each and every piece of paper that leaves your office and is effectively used online as well, whether it’s as a watermark on the images you publish on social media or your profile image.

Make It Readable | Quick Start Stationery Design Guide

The stationery items you design for your photography business say a lot about the nature of your brand and even the style of your photography, but at the end of the day, it’s a delivery mechanism for your message. Whether you’re handing out a business card or mailing a letter to a business partner, you want to make sure they can actually read what it is that you wrote. This is why you should stick to two-three fonts, as it can get quite challenging for the eye to scan multiple fonts.

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Quick Start Stationery Design Guide | Turn Your Stationery Items Into

When it comes to choosing the right font, try not to go crazy and use complex calligraphic fonts that are impossible to read. If everything else fails, you can always turn to our tried and tested friend, Helvetica. Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to the fonts is the color – remember, light gray text on a white background is pretty much illegible, which is the last thing you want from your stationery items.

Pay Special Attention To Colors | Quick Start Stationery Design Guide

Adding color is always a great way to make your stationery items stand out from even the largest pile, which is why we always include a guidebook for the appropriate color scheme when we design a logo for a client. However, you do need to keep in mind that while a five-color design will look stunning on your computer screen, it will also affect the cost of printing considerably.

Quick Start Stationery Design Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Make It Consistent And Cohesive | Quick Start Stationery Design Guide

If you laid down all of your stationery items next to each other, would they look like they came from the same source? While the information and design elements you decide to include will greatly vary from one stationery item to another, there still has to be a consistent look and feel that effectively conveys your brand – whether it’s using the same color scheme, fonts, or featuring your logo on each item.

Invest In High Quality Paper | Quick Start Stationery Design Guide

Let’s face it, you might be in the business of digital photography, but your clients are a tactile group, which means the quality of the paper you use for your business correspondence can also affect their decision whether to hire you or not. Think about it – no one likes a limp handshake, so why would they like a limp business card? Your clients will certainly notice the difference between thick paper stock and the photocopier paper you’ve got lying around your office, so make sure you get the best paper your budget allows!

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