Quick Website Design Tips | Look At Me! Getting Your Website Noticed In A Culture Of Limited Attention Spans

Quick Website Design Tips | Look At Me! Getting Your Web...

Quick Website Design Tips | Whether for personal or business use, many people have a website these days. But, the most common problem they run into is coming up with a design for their website that will grab attention, and engage the visitors. When it comes to trying to make profits in your business, you have to find a way to stand out from your competition. You’ve worked hard to design a high-quality website that reflects the latest, and greatest in technology, interesting content, and design. You might be happy with it, but does it look any better than your competitor’s website?

Quick Website Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Whether you like to think so, or not, design plays a vital role in how your website is perceived. And that split second perception can affect a whole lot of things. If you want your small business website to stand out from the crowd, follow these quick website design tips. If you do, you’ll gain more traffic, higher conversion rates, and more sales from your website. Keep in mind that you have to make your website stand out, yet still be effective, and appealing to today’s trend-savvy clients. Sounds hard? It’s actually easy. Here’s how to make your website stand out among all the latest trends!

Don’t Waste Time | Quick Website Design Tips

Internet users tend to be very impatient. If loading of a website takes more than 5 seconds, you can bet that most of the visitors will not stick around, and wait for the page to lad, but go somewhere elsewhere. Can your visitors figure out what you do in 15 seconds? Remember, people don’t read — they skim. Write your homepage headline, and position is in such a way it can be read and understood in less than 15 seconds.

Quick Website Design Tips | Look At Me! Getting Your Web...

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Design For The Audience | Quick Website Design Tips

You love your website. Your friends love your website. That doesn’t mean your target audience will love your website. Too many websites aren’t designed based on the preferences of the target audience. In other words, small business owners often don’t think about who their target audience is when designing the website, and what those people really need. If you wish to attract, and engage your target audience, you must design a website with that audience in mind. Research your market, and your target demographics, and design all your elements to appeal to their wants, and needs.

Make Navigation Consistent And Easy To Spot | Quick Website Design Tips

A visitor enters your website, and sees the header first. If you’ve done it right, that visitor will take note of what your business is all about, and then look for where to go next. Put some real thought into website layout, so your visitors can navigate it easily, and make sure all important sections are prominently listed. Why is intuitive navigation so crucial? Confusing navigation layouts will result in people quitting a page, rather than trying to figure it out, and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Be Accessible | Quick Website Design Tips

Making it easy for your visitors to reach you is essential. How else can you expect to get feedback? How else can you expect to win over new clients? Make sure your contact information, or a prominent link to it, is at the top or bottom of every page of your website. And don’t forget to make yourself easy to reach on social networks, too. It’s always a great idea to include social media buttons, or stickers on your website, so potential clients can connect with you regardless which network they use.

Tell People What To Do | Quick Website Design Tips

A visitor should clearly see how they can make a target action. If hundreds of potential clients visit your website on a daily basis, but they are not able to easily find how to make a purchase, or request a price list, all your marketing efforts become useless. Make your call-to-action buttons so appealing visitors can’t help themselves. They just have to click on them. In addition, when a visitor hovers over your button, it should change color, gradient, opacity, or font treatment.

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Quick Website Design Tips | Look At Me! Getting Your Web...

Keep Mobile In Mind | Quick Website Design Tips

Keep in mind that more and more users are accessing the web using their smartphones. What good is a website if it doesn’t look good on mobile devices? Nowadays, absolutely nothing. That’s why you’ve got to create a website that a mobile user can navigate easily. Consider responsive web design – rather than building a website for each device, a responsive website is designed to adapt to the browser size.

Quick Website Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

It’s all about meeting a customer need, creating a thoughtful design and providing an excellent value. If you can make it happen on all of these levels, your website will automatically set itself apart from much of the competition. So get out there and get designing.

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