Remarkable Business Cards | How To Design A Creative Business Card That Will Make People Look Twice

Remarkable Business Cards | How To Design A Creative Busi...

Remarkable Business Cards | Within the first 10 seconds, your potential client is building up a lasting opinion about you. Fortunately there are a few tricks you can pull off, such as diverting their attention from the fact that you forgot to iron your shirt by shoving a remarkable, and beautifully designed business card under their nose. If you have skimped on the design, and paper for your business card, what does that say about the quality of your business? Are you really doing yourself any favors by missing out on the opportunity to start conveying a positive brand image right from the start?

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Your business card is often a potential client’s first contact with your business; you want to engage with them, as well as enable them to find out more about you and what you do. One of the most effective ways to do this, is with a well-designed, simple to read business card. Following these simple tips will help you design a unique business card that will be remembered even in the largest pile.

Information | Remarkable Business Cards

The main goal of a business card is to make it simple for people to reach you. Despite the move to everything digital, the exchange of a printed business card is time-tested tradition in face-to-face business interactions. Whether you are meeting a potential client for the first time, or at a networking event, you have to strike a balance between giving enough points of contact, without making your card look cluttered. Make sure your name, job title and company name, or logo are clearly displayed.

Remarkable Business Cards | How To Design A Creative Busi...

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Brand | Remarkable Business Cards

A business card conveys your brand by introducing brand elements such as logo, colors, and fonts. It is imperative that your business card to be consistent with your other branded materials. A corporate logo is an essential branding element essential to business card design. Whether your logo is an image with words or just logo type, add it to your business card in a clearly visible location.

Ensure Your Text Is Readable | Remarkable Business Cards

This is a pretty vital, and often overlooked element of business card design. You wouldn’t want your clients to have to strain their eyes to read your website address or email. Keep readability in mind when selecting colors to use on your business cards. Avoid colors that are too dark, bright or light, as they can make it difficult to see your contact information. Choose colors that complement your company’s logo. Make sure your text is at least 8 pt, in a clear, legible font and in bold color. Anything smaller than 8 pt may look fine on your monitor, but may be printed as a fuzzy, smudged-out line.

Borders And Bleeds | Remarkable Business Cards

Don’t use borders in your card design. This is for a purely practical reason – no matter how much attention is paid, printing is never 100% completely precise. All printers have a margin of error for cutting your cards, which can be as much as a few millimeters, so expect some offset in the area where the blade falls. Printers recommend leaving a 3mm bleed – an area the same color as the background – around the edges of your card, purely for this reason.

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Remarkable Business Cards | How To Design A Creative Busi...

Keep It Simple | Remarkable Business Cards

You might be tempted to use an unusual material for your business card. While this will certainly be memorable, bear in mind the practicality of your chosen medium. There are things you can do to a 3.5″ x 2″ card in order to make it stand out (e.g., rounded corners), but going with an untraditional shape can be tricky. A round card, for example, is definitely memorable, but it certainly won’t fit in standard business card holders.

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Keep The Back Blank | Remarkable Business Cards

How often will people see the back of your business card? Traditional card storage modes assume that side is blank. If you do wish to put copy on it, be sure the information is of a supplemental nature. When designing a business card, you want to be sure to utilize all available space to the fullest potential; this includes the back. Many people will keep the back of the card blank, but that is a huge waste of space. While you need to have written content on one side of the card, think about saving the other for something more visual. Perhaps you could use the space to display an image of your product, or something related to your business.

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