Simple Business Card Tricks | 5 Ideas To Boost Your Business Card (And 3 Nifty Examples To Inspire You)

Simple Business Card Tricks | 5 Ideas To Boost Your Business Card ...

Simple Business Card Tricks | Your potential clients are forming a lasting opinion of you and your business within moments of meeting you, including whether you’re trustworthy, if you’re high-status, if you’re successful, and even if you’re adventurous. The good news is that there are certain things you can do to influence the way they perceive you and affect the first impression you make. And in the world of business, the most effective thing to do just that is your business card!

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Think about it – you hand out your business card to potential clients, business partners, you throw them into presentation folders, and you slip them into envelopes when mailing the products to your existing clients. For some of these people, your business card will be the very first contact they have with your business. Most potential clients will see your business card long before they get a chance to check out your website, so you need to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward each time you hand out a business card! Not sure where to begin? Read on to find out everything you need to know about designing an effective business card.

Steer Clear Of Templates | Simple Business Card Tricks

Your business card will be your first impression, so why would you consciously choose to look like everyone else in your area or your particular niche? There are plenty of cheap business card templates available online, but majority of them have all the telltale signs of amateur designs, while the ones that look almost decent are already being used by pretty much everyone and their grandma! What you’ll want to do is have custom business cards designed just for you and your business. This will not only help you stand out, but it will boost brand exposure.

Simple Business Card Tricks | 5 Ideas To Boost Your Business Card ...

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So, what can you do to portray the nature of your brand? The most obvious thing is to start with your logo – make sure it’s prominently featured on the card. However, as we mentioned before, your brand is much more than your logo, which is why we always look for certain elements of the logo we can use for the rest of the design whenever we create business cards for our clients. Whether it’s the color, or even graphics from the logo, we incorporate it in the border, the background or some other place in the business card.

Don’t Go Overboard | Simple Business Card Tricks

Keeping the overall design of the business card simple is vitally important, though. It’s easier to get carried away than you think, especially if you’re trying to make your card stand out from the pile. We get it, your card might end up in a desk drawer with countless other business cards, but that’s a poor excuse for a flashy and overly complex design. The main purpose of your card is to provide people with your most important contact details, and a flashy design might do more damage than good by overshadowing the details and distracting your potential clients! Which brings us to our next point!

What Exactly Are The Most Important Details? | Simple Business Card Tricks

Your name and the name of your business should definitely be there – after all, the business card is an extension of you and your brand, and you want to make it obvious whose contact details are featured on there. You’ll also want to include at the very least your phone number and your email address, but you should also consider including your website address. Since the business card offers rather limited space, you can consider leaving out your physical address if you’re not running a brick and mortar store, as well as your fax number if you didn’t receive too many faxes in the last year or so. Instead, you can feature your social media links if you use those platforms to promote your services or products.

Readability Is Fundamental | Simple Business Card Tricks

In addition to dialing back on the unnecessary design elements, there are other things you can do to make sure the important details stand out against the background and are easy to read. For instance, you’ll want to ensure there’s plenty of contrast – so, if you’re using a white background for your card, you’ll want to make sure the information is written in black or some other dark font. A light gray font on a white card is the perfect recipe for a disaster, after all.

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Simple Business Card Tricks | 5 Ideas To Boost Your Business Card ...

Font size is another major factor when it comes to readability. A good rule of thumb is using fonts larger than 8 pts, especially when it comes to the more important pieces of information. Smaller fonts might appear perfectly readable on your computer screen, but will definitely turn into an illegible smudge when printed. And lastly, the font itself! Steer clear of complex calligraphic fonts. Your potential clients need to be able to read your phone number at a single glance and dial your number without having to sit there trying to decipher the information!

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Treat Your Business Card As A Marketing Tool | Simple Business Card Tricks

Business card is much more than a simple communication tool – it can be a powerful business tool if you approach it in a smart and planned manner. The possibilities are endless – once you’re done fitting all the most important details on the front, you can include a discount coupon, a referral code, or even just your logo on the back side to reinforce your brand! It’s a piece of prime marketing real estate your potential clients will carry around with themselves, so every inch counts!

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