Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas | Your Marketing Collateral Might Be Hurting Your Photography Business! Here’s What You Need To Do

Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas | Your Marketing Collateral Might...

Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas | Most of our daily communication can be handed online, which can be incredibly convenient. Your potential clients are just an email away, and you can handle a dissatisfied client in a matter of minutes, whether via email or even through social media. However, there are occasions when digital communication simply doesn’t cut it! There’s a certain sense of closeness that printed materials offer that’s lost in digital communication. Not only is a letter or a thank you card a tangible representation of your photography brand, but receiving actual mail is becoming a rarity nowadays, which will only make you stand out.

Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas | Website Design –

In today’s business world, the name of the game is staying relevant — not an easy thing to do when the top trends and desired skills are constantly changing. Which medium will better boost your brand and keep your business from stagnating: digital or print? We’re far from being stuck-up traditionalists that hate anything digital – in fact, we advise all of our clients to combine the power of both sides and get the best out of each. So, to help you design marketing collateral that’s just as appealing and just as effective as your website, we gathered some of the most important tips we learned designing marketing collateral for our clients!

Revise Your Existing Materials | Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas

If you’re just starting out, you probably don’t have a lot of marketing material lying around, but if you’ve been in the industry for some time now, you probably do have some. A complete design overhaul can be a fun experience, but think about the brand exposure you already built by handing out business cards and even brochures. In order to maintain brand consistency, think what existing materials can be used, or updated, sticking to the color scheme, using similar graphics, or keeping any other point of recognition. The simple elimination of the weak points that work to dissuade readers should be your goal, rather than revising and creating entirely new content from scratch.

Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas | Your Marketing Collateral Might...

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What Are The Most Wanted Items For Photographers | Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas

All photographers have their own unique needs when it comes to marketing collateral, depending on their marketing strategy and target audience. However, there are certain items every photographer should have handy, such as business cards, thank you cards, a price guide, branded USB drives for delivering the pictures, as well as other packaging items, such as labels, stickers, letterheads and envelopes.

Be Unique | Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas

Photography is one of the most creative industries, and all of your business efforts need to showcase that, especially your marketing materials. Using cheap templates that are available online can sound like a good idea – not only will you save time, but money as well, right? However, can a template that countless other photographers are using really help you raise brand awareness and promote the services and products you’re providing? Let your personality show and build a unique brand by having marketing collateral custom designed for your photography business!

Ensure Consistency To Build Brand Awareness | Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas

A recent study found that the average consumer needs to engage with a brand around 7 times before actually remembering it. However, if you create a branding style guide and clearly define the colors, fonts, graphics, and logo variations that can be used on your branded materials, you’ll give your brand that extra awareness it needs to turn potential clients into loyal clients for life. If you use the same color scheme and your logo on everything from the envelope and the letterhead to your packaging and USB drives, you’ll turn your brand into a memorable visual experience!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Using Some Color | Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas

Color can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to design: it can help your items stand out from even the largest pile, represent your business, guide the attention, and even communicate a message. However, you’ll want to make sure you don’t go overboard – keeping the color scheme to 2-3 colors will make consistency a lot easier to achieve throughout your materials, and it will be a lot more pleasing that countless random colors thrown together.

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Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas | Your Marketing Collateral Might...

Don’t overlook the power of simplicity just because color can be a powerful tool as well. A simple minimalistic design can be just as impressive. To achieve an effective and simplistic design, you’ll want to make sure you’re using plenty of white space. This will not only help you break up large chunks of text into more digestible units, but it will also help you emphasize important elements, such as your contact details and your logo, for example. Remember, the more important an element is, the more white space it needs to stand out!

Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas | Website Design –

Use The Best Materials Your Budget Allows | Simple Marketing Collateral Ideas

Your potential clients will start forming an impression of your business from the second you hand them your business card, or when they take out your letter from its envelope, and since you want your photography business to appear professional and reputable, you need to have the highest quality paper and printing that is economically feasible. This will help you leave an impression of a reliable and established expert even before they start reading your message. No matter what we say, at the end of the day we all judge a book by its cover, so make sure you’re making the most out of this first, very tactile impression.

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