Simple Photography Startup Advice | Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Professional Photographer? (Spoiler Alert: You Do!)

Simple Photography Startup Advice | Do You Have What It Takes To ...

Simple Photography Startup Advice | There’s a huge difference between being a hobbyist and a professional in any industry, especially in creative industries such as the photography industry! What it comes down to is the age-old battle between the right and left side of the brain and reconciling the creative artist and the business owner. And trust me, at the end of the day, you’ll need to be able to wear many hats if you’re hoping to turn your passion for art into a profitable business. Sadly, I’m not talking about accessorizing. Bummer, I know! But not all is lost!

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There’s no denying that taking stunning pictures will get you only so far. Your talent alone won’t do you much good unless potential clients actually hear about you and the services you’re providing. But that doesn’t mean you should throw away your dream of running your own photography business. Instead, it only means you’ll need to focus on a few other things in order to stand out from the crowd, but the rewards will definitely be worth the effort. Are you considering becoming a pro? Not sure you should do it? Here’s why you should!

You Will Never Be Perfect! | Simple Photography Startup Advice

You’d be amazed just how many talented photographers successfully talk themselves out of going pro by telling themselves they’re not good enough just yet, that they don’t have the state of the art equipment other photographers in their area have, or that they don’t know enough potential clients to get started. These are just excuses, and bad ones at that! The timing will never be perfect. You’ll never learn everything – instead, you’ll keep improving. They’ll never stop making new equipment. And God knows if the economy will start improving soon. Dare to be different and actually do it!

Simple Photography Startup Advice | Do You Have What It Takes To ...

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Define Your Success | Simple Photography Startup Advice

Every business owner will tell you that in order to succeed, you’ll need a solid business plan, so when you decide to start your own business, you’ll need to kick into the business mode and clearly define your goals. How are you supposed to know if you’ve succeeded if there are no goals and milestones you can use to track and measure your progress? By defining your goals, you can keep track of your progress and tweak your efforts to ensure best results as you go along. This is especially important if you’re giving yourself a year or so to try and make it big in the industry, as it will guide you through the startup waters and help you avoid the most common pitfalls.

Choose A Specialization | Simple Photography Startup Advice

If you’re just starting out, you might feel tempted to take pretty much any gig coming your way in order to keep the ball rolling. However, even though it might feel slightly counterproductive, choosing a specialization will actually help you stand out from the crowd. By narrowing down your focus, you’ll have a much better idea what needs to be done in order to get on your ideal client’s radar and book that session. It will also affect the equipment you get and even your fees, not just how and where you market the services and the products you’re providing.

Treat Yourself! | Simple Photography Startup Advice

There’s no denying that the equipment you use will affect the quality of your work, so make sure you get the best equipment your budget allows. But don’t splurge on your primary equipment and blow your entire budget without giving some love to the backup equipment – remember, even brand new equipment fails, so make sure you’re covered when it comes to backup camera, lenses, and even lighting.

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Simple Photography Startup Advice | Do You Have What It Takes To ...

What many photographers forget, or decide to cut corners on, only to regret it down the road, is the computer they use for editing the images and the actual editing software. Modern cameras shoot pretty amazing pictures, but it comes at a price – the files are getting bigger than ever, and you need a powerful computer that can handle those files.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It | Simple Photography Startup Advice

Of course, we’re talking about your work. Many photographers decide to join the industry one step at a time and work as second shooters before actually starting their own business, so chances are, you already have some work you can showcase. And the best way to show what you can do for your clients is by setting up a solid portfolio website. When we design a website for our clients, we always try to make sure the pictures are the center of attention. Don’t get carried away and allow the design of your website to overshadow your work. At the end of the day, you want your potential clients talking about your work, not the design of your website.

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Start Branding It | Simple Photography Startup Advice

There are tons of photographers out there and new photographers are joining the industry on a daily basis, so you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd – and the easiest way is to simply be yourself! The secret is to play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Are you playful, creative, adventurous, romantic, pragmatic? Let it show – whether you’re composing a new tweet, sharing your blog post, writing a sales message or simply answering your phone. Let’s face it, anyone can pick up a camera and start shooting, but only you can do you!

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