Simple Photography Website Design | Secrets Of A Picture-Perfect Website Every Photographer Should Know

Simple Photography Website Design | Secrets Of A Picture...

Simple Photography Website Design | Let’s face it, the homepage of your website is usually the first thing that your potential clients see and you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to make them stick around longer. How your website is laid out, what colors, fonts and images you use (or don’t use) can be the difference between success (low bounce and exit rates, high conversion) and failure (high abandonment, low sales).

Simple Photography Website Design | Website Design –

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just an amateur trying to show off your work, creating a photography website opens a lot of area for creative expression. Using themes in a photography website design can help to tie images together and convey the central message. However, with all the options and technical language out there, it can be difficult to know what the kind of website is right for you. We made a list of 6 crucial secrets to effective portfolio websites. Does your photography portfolio website hit each of these points? If not, why not?

Be Yourself | Simple Photography Website Design

Your portfolio has to appeal to your target demographic, whether it is a couple looking for a wedding photographer, or a marketing agency looking for a commercial shoot. If your portfolio conveys the wrong image, you won’t get any of the clients you want. Don’t copy someone else’s website design just because you think it looks great. It’s vital that your portfolio website shows off who you are and what you do: by designing a unique website you’ll help make sure that it comes to mind when people are searching for your services.

Simple Photography Website Design | Secrets Of A Picture...

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Make Yourself Available | Simple Photography Website Design

If your website doesn’t make it clear how visitors can reach you, they won’t try very hard to find out. Dedicate space on your homepage to telling people how they can contact you. The easiest way is to include your contact details on every page in your website — including your portfolio. Include something small and subtle at the bottom of every page that doesn’t take attention away from the images, but is there when a client decides to pick up the phone.

Keep It Quick | Simple Photography Website Design

The average person waits less than three seconds for a page to load before abandoning the website altogether. Choosing a suitable hosting package that enables fast loading speeds is critical for the success of your website. The solution is to get a fast and optimized web server for photography websites, avoiding Flash and other fluffy effects. Don’t upload high resolution 10MP images if your website only displays them at 800×600, and remember, use .JPG for your images.

Create Fresh Content | Simple Photography Website Design

Users are used to seeing new content each and every time they visit a website. We’ve grown out of seeing the same old stuff on every visit. Google also loves fresh content, so a powerful way to boost the search ranking of your website is to keep it up-to-date through a blog. Always keep your posts relevant and related to what it is you do, because that’s why people are looking at your website in the first place. Try not to upload in batches, throwing a handful of images up every couple months. Instead, try to keep a consistent, yet loose, schedule.

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Simple Photography Website Design | Secrets Of A Picture...

Show Off | Simple Photography Website Design

Although you may have a large collection of images you want to share in your portfolio, try to limit your selection to the stronger pieces. Too many images in your portfolio can increase load times, and provide the visitor with too many options. Your portfolio website is like a living CV: the content on it should be up-to-date and make it clear to people what you can do. It’s a vehicle for showcasing your professionalism and talents, so make sure that you show off new projects and skills as soon as they’re ready for the world to see.

Simple Photography Website Design | Website Design –

Get Recommended | Simple Photography Website Design

Why should anyone just take your word for how great you are? Direct quotes from your clients act as reviews of your services and can be published on your site. If shopping on Amazon has taught us anything it’s that people love to know what other people think. Getting testimonials from satisfied clients is a great way to show some ‘proof’ that you can deliver on what your portfolio promises. You can get testimonials from emails the clients write you, thank you notes or you can simply ask them! Most clients are happy to do this for you.

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