Simple Portfolio Design Guide | Improve Your Photography Portfolio In 7 Ridiculously Easy Steps

Simple Portfolio Design Guide | Improve Your Photography Portfolio...

Simple Portfolio Design Guide | In the same way that a logo represents a business, your portfolio website represents your personal brand, style, skills, and talents. If you get it right, you can have clients forever. However, Google tells us that there are almost one million photography websites on the web right now. This is really bad news for you. The good news is that most of these websites are bad.

Simple Portfolio Design Guide | Website Design –

To a potential client, you as a photographer are only as good as your portfolio. They’re checking your work out for the very first time, and if you don’t make a strong impression, you just won’t get their work. In addition to amazing pictures, what features are found in effective photography portfolios? What are the most important things to keep in mind when showcasing your best work? What elements will help you turn website visits into assignments?

Have A Clear Logo And Tagline | Simple Portfolio Design Guide

Let’s cover the essentials first. Your logo is the face of your brand and your tagline is who you are. In the short-attention-span internet age, you have to be able to grab attention of your target audience and answer the question “Why?” very quickly. A memorable logo and a catchy tagline can make the portfolio rather interesting and help visitors remember you better. Make the tagline snappy and descriptive of the value you can give to a potential client. Remember: quickly answer the question “why?” or the visitor will lose interest.

Simple Portfolio Design Guide | Improve Your Photography Portfolio...

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Be Yourself | Simple Portfolio Design Guide

Don’t copy the look and feel of someone else’s portfolio just because it appeals to you. It’s critical that your portfolio website appeals to your target audience and shows off who you are and what you do: by setting up an original website you’ll help ensure that it comes to mind when people are looking for the services you’re providing. Consider adding a bit of personality, maybe with a good headshot of yourself, to let potential clients know you’re a real person with your own style and identity. Creativity is all about originality and sometimes people are put off by faceless, corporate websites.

Make Sure You’re Showcasing Only The Best Work | Simple Portfolio Design Guide

Even though you may have a large collection of images you want to upload to your portfolio, try to limit your selection to the stronger pieces. Remember, it’s always better to create a portfolio with a few projects that are absolutely amazing than dozens of projects where some of them are just OK. In other words, the quality of your portfolio is only as good as your weakest project. If you limit your selection, the visitor sees only the strongest of images, and if they are interested in seeing more, they can get in touch with you.

Only Use High Resolution Images | Simple Portfolio Design Guide

A picture says more than a thousand words. Web users are instantly drawn to the visuals first and if they like what they see, they will continue digging for more details, so make sure you build that interest in clients with a beautiful showcase of your work. When a potential client goes to your view your portfolio, they want to see high resolution, professional looking images. So give them that! Don’t display “full size” images at 300px by 300px.

Make Your Portfolio Easy To Navigate | Simple Portfolio Design Guide

Even the best website won’t mean much if it’s hard to navigate. If your visitors can’t get to the examples of your work easily or quickly be able to get in touch with you, then it doesn’t really matter how good your work is: chances are, they will grow frustrated and try another photographer. Make the navigation as easy and intuitive as possible, so people can focus on the photography without being distracted by trying to figure out how to use the website.

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Simple Portfolio Design Guide | Improve Your Photography Portfolio...

Don’t Overwhelm Your Visitors | Simple Portfolio Design Guide

If your visitors are raving about the design of your portfolio website, you might have a serious problem on your hands. It’s your work that should the focus of attention, not the overly flashy design of your website. What it comes down to is creating the visual environment you need to showcase your work most effectively. Simplicity in the interface and visual design of your website will push your work to the surface, where it deserves to be.

Simple Portfolio Design Guide | Website Design –

Blog Regularly | Simple Portfolio Design Guide

Web users are used to seeing new content each and every time they land on a website. We’ve all grown out of seeing the same old stuff every time we visit a website. Consider setting up a blog to keep your visitors coming back for more. Blog about the projects you’re working on and tips your potential clients might find useful. It will not only keep visitors coming back, but it will also boost your website’s SEO by providing you with a great opportunity to include the relevant keyboard throughout the blog posts.

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