Small Business Holiday Sales | 5 Tricks (and Treats) That Increase Holiday Sales

Small Business Holiday Sales | 5 Tricks (and Treats) That In...

Small Business Holiday Sales | It’s here — that amazing, magical time of year when consumers are in the shopping mood, and small business owners turn to online marketing to drive holiday sales. The 2014 holiday season is looking to be the brightest yet. In fact, based on customer data so far this year, a 9% increase in online holiday sales has been projected for small to medium-sized online businesses. Have you done everything you can do to be ready to convert those website visitors, and improve your sales? Once the holiday season is underway, there’s a lot you can do to land more sales, and bring in as much profit as possible, no matter the economic climate. The secret is to be proactive.

Small Business Holiday Sales | Website Design –

For many businesses this is the most profitable time of year, and it’s well worth taking time before things get too crazy to think about your holiday marketing campaign, so you’re ready to strike while the holiday iron is hot. With more consumers than ever choosing to shop online instead of fighting through holiday crowds at the mall, online marketing brings great opportunities for you to grow your business through online sales. It is vital that you start preparing your online marketing efforts early on to beat your competition to the punch. We put together 5 top tips that will help you gear up for the holiday sales.

Small Business Holiday Sales | 5 Tricks (and Treats) That In...

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Email Frequency | Small Business Holiday Sales

Boost the frequency of your marketing emails. It’s never a good idea to completely spam people, but a few extra special seasonal marketing emails can help keep you in the minds of your clients when it comes time for preparing and buying holiday presents. Include up-to-date information about your products, announcements of new ones, and special promotions or discounts. The more you interact with your clients, the more they will come back to buy again.

Offer Content Readers Will Love | Small Business Holiday Sales

It can be a juggling act, but a great holiday email marketing strategy means providing your clients with relevant content they can use, not just a sales pitch. There is nothing more off-putting than a bad gift wrapped in an appealing packaging. While design is a vital element of a powerful campaign, engaging content is the most critical part. You should always remember who you are marketing to. If it’s a younger market, then they are likely to be web-savvy. But if it’s an older group, you have to do everything to make people feel safe. Tailor content to the potential client!

Use Social Media Networks | Small Business Holiday Sales

Make sure to update social profiles with current links, images, or videos of featured products, plus contact information to make the engagement experience for clients as simple as possible. This is especially important during the holidays, because consumers are looking at all digital outlets to find the best deals. Be careful not to bore your followers with constant reminders of your products. Give them engaging content that gets them excited about holidays! If you are interacting with your audience in the right way, they will likely consider you for their holiday purchases without you having to give them a hard sell.

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Small Business Holiday Sales | 5 Tricks (and Treats) That In...

Wow Your Readers With Holiday Rewards | Small Business Holiday Sales

The fact that someone has subscribed to your mailing list shows that they value your brand, and there’s no better time to reward them for this loyalty than during the holiday season. Gift cards are more popular than ever, so with the clock ticking down, put the emphasis on electronically-delivered options that can be purchased and printed, or emailed instantly. The e-certificate itself shouldn’t just be an email with a code either. Your should make this virtual package pretty, because if they look good to the recipient, you look good too, and that’s a win-win situation for everyone, especially when that can solidify future sales.

Small Business Holiday Sales | Website Design –

Optimize like Crazy | Small Business Holiday Sales

Plan for mobile shoppers – your website has to be able to re-size based on the device of the visitor. Add more visual content for people viewing on the go. Make sure all buttons and calls to action are “tap-friendly.” One in three emails are read on a mobile device or tablet. On the design side, your holiday email marketing messages should be formatted to fit these devices with a clearly visible call to action.

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