Small Business Marketing Collateral | Design Your Way To Success: A Simple Workbook For Designing Great Marketing Collateral

Small Business Marketing Collateral | Design Your Way To ...

Small Business Marketing Collateral | As technology continues to develop and change the way we do business, many entrepreneurs consider print a thing of the past and digital marketing the only way to the future. However, the print industry is far from being dead; in fact, print marketing has only continued to grow and evolve alongside the upsurge of new technology. Remember, your clients are a very tactile group. Beyond a personal sales pitch or event, a printed marketing piece will assure, extend, validate, confirm, and reinforce your message and brand identity, with a longer shelf life than many of the digital marketing pieces.

Small Business Marketing Collateral | Website Design –

Printed marketing collateral is the collection of all of the printed materials that you use to promote your products and services to both your existing and potential clients. They help build your brand, so that people understand your value proposition. And they help you in moving potential clients through the sales cycle. Because print marketing works best when designers and marketers work together, it helps when both sides know at least the basics of each other’s craft. Here are some of the print design essentials that all marketers should keep in mind.

Know Your Goals | Small Business Marketing Collateral

Your marketing collateral is an major investment. It stands as an advertising medium that allows you to engage and establish a rapport with your target audience, so make it count! The content you use for marketing collateral should be outlined well before you begin your next big marketing campaign. It will help you focus your marketing more effectively by preventing you from losing focus on the themes and types of content you want to promote.

Small Business Marketing Collateral | Design Your Way To ...

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Plan Projects Simultaneously | Small Business Marketing Collateral

You know you’re going to need business cards, brochures, maybe even booklets and signs. Working out the designs together, instead of taking them on one at a time, can have an incredibly positive effect on your results. A style guide is another way of sorting out different elements that make up your collateral. It enables you to outline your theme elements you’re going to use throughout your marketing collateral, which includes your logo and any key graphics, your fronts, key phrases and brand-oriented words. You only get one chance to leave a first impression – make it a good one!

Use Great Graphics | Small Business Marketing Collateral

A story is more than words. You can use pictures, graphs, tables, screenshots, testimonials etc. − anything that will help visually communicate your story, and underscore your viewpoint and competitive advantage. If you want to grab the attention of your target audience then using just the right amount of graphics on your marketing collateral is a must. They can help with the flow of your content, as well as make everything a lot easier to read and understand.

Develop Slightly Different Variations Of Your Logos | Small Business Marketing Collateral

Each collateral item has a different intended audience, which means that each type of collateral has a slightly different purpose. Your logo should stay relatively consistent across all your materials, but you should develop alternative logos that fit the best on specific pieces of collateral. Your logo is your brand’s most important visual identifier, so it’s crucial to have a logo that’s appealing, eye-catching, both web- and print-friendly, and representative of your brand’s identity. For example, you can’t have a logo that relies entirely on color, because you’ll often be forced to print in black and white. Logos also need to be scalable; since print comes in many sizes, your logo can’t have a lot of extraneous details that won’t look well when printed on a business card.

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Small Business Marketing Collateral | Design Your Way To ...

Make It Interactive | Small Business Marketing Collateral

As the smartphone and tablet technologies continue to grow and evole, so too has the interactivity of print media. Businesses tend to forget that it can be a great idea to blur the line between physical and digital marketing collateral. Things like web addresses and QR codes printed on physical media can help customers access your business’s digital side, which in turn gives another opportunity for them to do business with you. QR codes can be customized with colors and patterns to better integrate into your print marketing designs and to fit the overall look and feel of your brand.

Small Business Marketing Collateral | Website Design –

Think About The Materials | Small Business Marketing Collateral

Kick it up a notch by really putting some thought into the different types of materials that will be used for your marketing collateral. For example, the paper on which business cards are printed tends to be thick card stock, while brochures are printed on thinner paper that is often coated. You want your company to appear professional and reputable, which means you have to use the highest quality paper and printing that is economically feasible for each collateral item.

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