Small Business Website Ideas | Essential Design Elements That Make Up A Successful Business Website

Small Business Website Ideas | Essential Design Elements That Make...

Small Business Website Ideas | In the last 25 years the internet has changed quite a lot, and consumer behavior has changed even more. Websites now dominate the way we connect with friends, shop, do business, and the way we make decisions both online and also in the face-to-face world. Even brick-and-mortar stores can use a website that showcases their inventories and helps potential clients find their locations. Oftentimes, your website will be the first contact that they have with your business, and if it doesn’t hook them quickly, you can miss out on hundreds of potential clients.

Small Business Website Ideas | Website Design –

Sharing your website is like showing up to a first date. In other words: first impressions matter. A well-designed website can be the crucial difference that makes a potential client choose to stick around, browse and make a purchase instead of moving on to one of your competitors’ website. Want to make sure that visitors exit your website the moment they get there? Be sure to make it hard for them to find what it is they are searching for. Want to get people to stay on your website longer and click on or buy stuff? Follow these simple web design tips.

Keep It Clean And Clutter-Free | Small Business Website Ideas

The world around us has become quite cluttered and the internet is by no means an exception. Ads, banners, icons, badges, signs, pop-ups, buttons, and so on – sometimes it can all get a bit overwhelming. So why not give your site visitors a break from all the noise and clutter? It has been proven time and time again – people don’t like websites that have too much clutter or require endless clicking to access the right information. Much like a well-organized shop, a clean and clear website allows potential clients to relax and find what they are looking for.

Small Business Website Ideas | Essential Design Elements That Make...

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Remember The 5 Second Rule | Small Business Website Ideas

Remember that you have just five seconds to explain your unique selling point to visitors when they enter to your website. The back button is the most widely used command on the internet, after all. If you don’t answer a potential client’s needs right away, he or she will click “back” and abandon your website. You can help make sure your website loads quickly by keeping image sizes low (but still of good quality) and limiting the number of videos, widgets, photos and social media sharing buttons embedded in the site.

Pay Attention To The Copy | Small Business Website Ideas

At the end of the day, the most important element of a website is its messaging. Aim for at least 250 words of text per page, with keywords included throughout. You can also make text as easy to read as possible by using bulletined lists and bold formatting to draw the visitor’s eye to the most important parts. Your homepage is a gateway into your website, so use short messaging that gets to the point. Not taking care of things like the copy of your website, is a serious signal that you might not care about other parts of your business either.

Make Your Text Easy To Read | Small Business Website Ideas

Text is incredibly important. It’s there to provide your visitors with information and answer questions even before they’ve been asked. With that said – don’t make your visitors squint to read your copy. Remember that people with different levels of vision could be viewing your page and aim to be as inclusive as possible.

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Small Business Website Ideas | Essential Design Elements That Make...

Incorporating Social Media Is No Longer Optional | Small Business Website Ideas

Social media is one of the most effective ways to build loyalty and establish a brand voice. Whether your target audience is consumers or other businesses, engaging with them on social media is a great way to spread the word about your products or services, as well as increase traffic to your website. You’ll want to know on which social networks your target audience spends their time. This provides a great opportunity to create brand advocates who will attract new business and help your website to drive more sales for your business.

Small Business Website Ideas | Website Design –

Provide Clear Calls To Action | Small Business Website Ideas

A call to action refers to text on your website that invites visitors to do something. Clear calls to action get potential clients to take the next step and go from just looking at your website to contacting your business. The most common calls to action are “Request a Quote,” “Buy Now,” and “Work With Us.” The best ones clarify what you are offering as opposed to forcing visitors to figure it out on their own.

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