Social Media Marketing Guide | 5 Social Media Marketing Tips For Photographers: Stand Out In A Saturated Market

Social Media Marketing Guide | 5 Social Media Marketing ...

Social Media Marketing Guide | Internet marketing, pay-per-click ads, SEO, and of course social media marketing are irreplaceable tools for the modern professional photographer. This is particularly true for those who want to run a healthy photography business without wasting their valuable time. The power of social media when it comes to marketing is incredible. You’re now able to connect with clients and get exposure without having the expensive costs of traditional marketing. If you have 200 followers, that means that you can potentially have 200 people who might not have ever heard about you see your work. The potential here for business growth is amazing.

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Still think Facebook is just for your teenage daughter? If so, you could be missing out on the best free marketing tool in history. If you want to avoid epic business failure, using social media is crucial. Get perfect exposure for your photography business with a well-planned social media marketing program. Use these social media marketing tips to determine your clients’ wants and needs, likes and aversions, decision triggers, and earn brand advocates by delivering images, tips and insider information that makes them swoon.

Know Thy Social Platform | Social Media Marketing Guide

By setting up a Facebook business page or Twitter profile, you can start to promote your unique selling points more effectively and start to engage more with current and potential clients. Having the right mix of images, questions or quotes can make the difference between a post going viral or fading into the void. However, contrary to popular belief, social media isn’t free. It takes tremendous resources to do it properly, and has an enormous opportunity cost. Take some time to see which platforms are best for your business and limit them to five max. No full-time employee has time to run any more, and you may find you’re a better fit for an underdog platform than Pinterest.

Social Media Marketing Guide | 5 Social Media Marketing ...

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Show Your Own Special Viewpoint As A Photographer | Social Media Marketing Guide

Business is, ultimately, all about connections, and not just the professional networking kind. If you want your message to appeal to your target audience, give them something relatable and human to connect to. Sharing links to your galleries should be a high priority, so make sure that you give people a reason to link to you. If people feel you are unique, have a distinct viewpoint, have a different style, or a fresh approach, they’ll be more likely to share a link with others.

It’s All About Timing | Social Media Marketing Guide

Each time you add a new gallery, post a link to it on Twitter. Although we don’t recommend spamming the system with the same tweets containing the same links, it’s usually fine to retweet things a few times (but don’t overdo it). You want to grab your audience not only when they’re checking their messages and news feed, but when they might have a few minutes to click through a link and actually check your work out. Keep in mind that if you post something on Twitter, it’s most likely buried within 20 minutes so most of your followers will never get to see it.

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Social Media Marketing Guide | 5 Social Media Marketing ...

Become A King Of Content | Social Media Marketing Guide

That said, just populating your social media with humdrum messages like ‘got a new tripod today’ or ‘saw the accountant’ is not likely to win you much new business via Facebook. Don’t go in for obvious and heavy-handed sales messages either. If you manage to include original visual content and curated viral or popular content into your social media marketing, you’ll have a better reach and more organic shares. At the very least, start to share low-res versions of some of your best recent images online, with links back the full watermarked versions on your website. Try to write content too — ‘top tips’ type articles on your particular specialism, or other distillations of your wisdom and experience.

Social Media Marketing Guide | Website Design –

Strike A Personal-Professional Balance | Social Media Marketing Guide

Just because you have 1,000 Facebook friends on your personal website and they always like your inspirational posts doesn’t mean you’ll succeed as a business poster. These are two entirely different arenas, so respect the difference. You don’t want to get too personal, but you don’t want to seem stiffly professional either. This is a difficult balance to strike, but when done well, makes your potential clients think they “know you” in the right way.

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