Social Media Marketing Ideas | 6 Creative Ways To Grow Your Photography Business Using Social Media

Social Media Marketing Ideas | 6 Creative Ways To Grow Your Photo...

Social Media Marketing Ideas | There are many photographers using social media as a part of their online marketing strategy to propel their photography businesses forward. However, there are many more photographers who aren’t. Are you one of them? As Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest become more prominent in every area of our lives, most entrepreneurs are jumping on the social bandwagon and building social media into their digital marketing strategy. In fact, social media marketing can have a drastic impact on your business, rankings, and will become a major element of your off-page SEO as your online presence grows.

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Internet marketing, SEO, and of course social media marketing are incredibly effective tools for the modern professional photographer. This is particularly true for those who want to run a healthy photography business without spending their valuable time or breaking the bank trying to compete with the local amateurs. Some of our today’s ideas are quick and easy, while others can be more of a long term strategy that you should start applying now and will build up steam down the road. Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

Why Social Media? | Social Media Marketing Ideas

Photographers are realizing that it’s no longer enough to set up a website and an online portfolio to promote their businesses and engage with potential clients. In an increasingly digital world, businesses both small and big are expected to have a social media presence, and to use it to both share fun content and engage with potential clients interested in their services. You can have your work not only shown to your clients but their circle of influence at the same time, it lets you connect with your clients on a more personal level, and you can see what important events are happening in your clients lives.

Social Media Marketing Ideas | 6 Creative Ways To Grow Your Photo...

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How to Squeeze Social Media Into Your Already Jam-Packed Schedule | Social Media Marketing Ideas

To a photographer whose passion lies more in the creative side and less in the marketing side of running a business, social media marketing may feel overwhelming and time-consuming. Start with one social media network before moving to the others. This way, you’ll get a more loyal following by focusing your efforts in one area before moving to another – you will use your time more effectively by engaging more and won’t spread yourself too thin. Facebook and Instagram are still considered the two most effective social media networks for promoting professional photography, so make these your primary focus. Once you have a handle on both of those, you can start tackling Twitter and Pinterest at your own speed.

Post Interesting Content | Social Media Marketing Ideas

Your social media profiles are not for marketing only your services. Their main purpose is engaging, entertaining and empowering your potential clients. So post things that your ideal clients are likely to find interesting and engage with. This may sound like an obvious one, but you’d be amazed how many photographers still get it wrong. You want to post articles, photographs and news stories that your followers will want to share, which will get you more followers and a better ranking in the long run.

Showcase Your Creativity | Social Media Marketing Ideas

Visual media has proven effective in driving online engagement, so take advantage of your photography skills by sharing appealing imagery in most of your posts, cultivating an eye-catching (and frequent) Pinterest presence, and creating entertaining and informative videos that showcase your skills. No matter what type of photographer you are, stay open-minded about using software tools, unique filters, and design techniques (typography, for example) to create eye-catching images your audience find hard to resist.

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Social Media Marketing Ideas | 6 Creative Ways To Grow Your Photo...

Link Back To Your Website | Social Media Marketing Ideas

It’s a given that you’re going to blog about recent sessions so you can show off your recent work. When you blog the images from your client’s photo session, take a moment to share the post to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media outlets that your ideal clients use, as this will drive traffic to your website. TIP: add Pinterest pins to your blog so your watermarked images can spread on Pinterest.

Social Media Marketing Ideas | Website Design –

Build A Community | Social Media Marketing Ideas

Although your social presence should ultimately market you and your art, building a community around it is vitally important. No one likes a hard sell. Engage with your followers, with other artists, photographers and vendors, and you’ll soon gain followers who are interested in what you do and have the added pleasure of being in a social media photography community, which can only help art and your personal brand.

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