Startup Branding Advice | The Small Business Guide To Building A Killer Brand Identity

Startup Branding Advice | The Small Business Guide To ...

Startup Branding Advice | There are many benefits creating a strong brand brings, such as driving consistency, boosting exposure and building recognition in the minds of your existing and potential clients. In fact, a good branding strategy can be the radioactive spider that transforms your small business from Peter Parker to the super hero that can fire webbing and stick to walls.

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There is a great misconception that branding is reserved only for large corporations. Although your company may not sell soda in red cans in over 200 countries across the globe, branding is still a vital part of your business’s success. In fact, for small businesses and start-ups, brand strategy is one of the most important elements of marketing that can be the difference between success and failure. Creating a powerful branding strategy is about brains more than it is about brawn. When it comes to building and maintaining a memorable brand, having the right branding strategy is much more valuable than throwing money at quick-fix solutions.

Why Branding Is Not A Luxury But A Necessity | Startup Branding Advice

In today’s digital marketplace, your competition is no longer just the store down the street. You’ve got tens, hundreds or even thousands of companies just like yours fighting for each and every client. A good branding strategy tells your potential clients what sets you apart from the competition and gives them a reason to do business with you. Essentially, your brand is made up of three major elements: who you are in relation to your potential client’s needs, in relation to your competitors, and how your target audiences perceive you.

Startup Branding Advice | The Small Business Guide To ...

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What A Brand Is And What It Isn’t | Startup Branding Advice

The essence and the face of your brand is your logo. Your website, packaging, marketing materials, even social profiles, all of which should integrate your logo, communicate your brand. Your brand is, quite simply, a representation of the emotional relationships you have with your clients, both past and potential ones. It is what your audiences perceive of you and the value they get doing business with you. Not to be mistaken with price, value is what you can do for your clients, what problem you solve, what makes your business unique, and how you can make your client’s life different.

Define Your Brand Message | Startup Branding Advice

Use the information you have gathered about your target audience to define a brand message that appeals to your potential clients. This message should describe what your business does, who it does it for, things that make your business unique and the benefits that you deliver to your clients. Remember, your company’s brand is conveyed to clients through personal contact as well as through social media and printed marketing materials, and ensuring that the message is communicated consistently throughout all forms of interaction with clients is the secret to successful brand implementation.

Define The Elements Of Your Brand | Startup Branding Advice

Once you define a brand message, you can start putting together the tangible elements of your brand: your logo and imagery, as well as the colors and fonts that you will use for all your marketing materials. Every interaction and touch point is a great chance to reinforce your brand identity and value; your website, merchandise, brochures, flyers, on-hold message, delivery van, social media, and your stationery items. Adjusting to new trends or feedback over time is natural, but large scale inconsistency creates confusion among your target audience and detracts from your brand message.

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Startup Branding Advice | The Small Business Guide To ...

Use The Power Of The Internet To Promote Your Brand | Startup Branding Advice

The internet is the best marketing tool for small business owners on a budget. This is particularly true when you are just starting your small business. Since the majority of people today are active on social networks, this is where you can also get the most brand exposure. It also helps if you create a catchy phrase along with a simple, yet appealing logo. The truth of the matter is, every business needs at least a website and Facebook page to attract new clients and grow the loyalty of existing ones.

Startup Branding Advice | Website Design –

Maintain Relationships With Clients | Startup Branding Advice

The difference between a successful company and a mediocre one often comes down to the owner’s commitment to building (and maintaining) relationships with past and future clients. Watch your clients closely and measure changes in your business as a result of the branding messages you’re putting out there. Observe sales figures, conduct surveys, listen to feedback and keep track of online discussions to see what’s working and what isn’t. If you notice your branding ideas are working, then push forward with them. If not, then don’t waste any more time or resources on a dead end message.

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