Startup Branding Tips | The Ultimate Guide To Branding: The Unspoken Hero of Startups

Startup Branding Tips | The Ultimate Guide To Branding: The ...

Startup Branding Tips | A lot of time, energy, money, and caffeine goes into launching a startup. It’s a struggle, and it gets even painful at times. Countless hours go into the project, fueled by a euphoric mix of happiness, anxiety, anticipation, and fear. Every business wants to build a powerful brand, however, for startups in today’s crowded market, it can be challenging to get your brand noticed and recognized. Startups are notoriously strapped for cash, so how should you plan to spend your branding budget?

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Best friends: reliable, intuitive people with personalities that click perfectly. The same feelings often apply to most successful brands, because the genius innovators behind them get into their clients’ heads, figure out what they really need, and offer a simple, easy-to-use solution to the problem at hand. Branding is a tricky business, and in the startup phase, you don’t have the budget to put aside for branding. For many, it’s an afterthought, which is a bad way of looking at your business.

What Is A Brand, Really? | Startup Branding Tips

A logo is a symbol or other small design used by a company to represent their brand. That’s it. A logo isn’t a brand; it’s only one element of your brand. Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room! A mission and value proposition let people know what your startup is about, where it’s going, how it’s going to get there, and what makes it unique. In other words, it helps you define your brand to investors, potential employees, and target audience. You have to know exactly what your goals, plans, and desires are. When you leave a room, what do you want people to think of you?

Startup Branding Tips | The Ultimate Guide To Branding: The ...

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Ready – Fire – Aim! | Startup Branding Tips

The core of branding is the connection between a company and a client, learning to understand the client and why they love your product or service. Once you understand the client, and what drives them to your business, you can craft your brand’s identity. You’ll have strong personal opinions about your business and your brand in genreal; however, you absolutely must try and detach yourself from those.

When your designer or design agency comes to you with their ideas and presentation, try and think like your target audience, not your usual self. If you launch your brand based upon what you think your clients will love, you’re taking a risk that your brand won’t resonate with its target market. Failure to connect with clients causes startups to stumble and flop.

Be Consistent, Establish Brand Guidelines | Startup Branding Tips

By establishing a set of brand guidelines at an early stage you can make sure that everyone applies your brand identity consistently. This is vital to ensure that your target audience begin to become familiar with your brand, start recognizing and trusting it. And away from the purely visual links, think about other consistent brand experiences.

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Startup Branding Tips | The Ultimate Guide To Branding: The ...

Integrate Social Media Into Your Business Strategy | Startup Branding Tips

Social media plays a crucial role in brand building. For a bootstrapped startup, the added benefit of social media is being able to market a brand at a fraction of the usual costs. Websites like Facebook offer you effective ways to really target a specific type of person. Whatever your strategy is, remember that social media is about utilizing an ongoing dialog with clients. Consistently engage them, and address the issues that are important to them. That’s when social media will really take your brand to new heights.

Startup Branding Tips | Website Design –

Customer Service is Key | Startup Branding Tips

With the growing popularity of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, it’s easier than ever for positive (and negative) brand experiences to spread like wildfire. It’s extremely important to get your customer service right, and capitalize on the positive experiences. Customer service is not optional – preferably in the form of real people answering phones, chats and emails, not bots. Representatives of the brand at every level should be able to improve a client’s situation on the spot, without making them wait for a manager, or get looped back into a dead-end conversation with that dreaded automated voice.

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