Startup Business Branding | Essential Guide to Building Your Startup’s Brand

Startup Business Branding | Essential Guide to Building Your...

Startup Business Branding | As a startup owner, it might be that branding hasn’t crossed your mind at all. Or, perhaps you aren’t totally sure on what the term even means. Branding is one of the things you need to plan out before you launch your business; it should be part of your marketing plan. With all these daily commitments constantly using up your precious time, it leaves little space for the important stuff, the reason you started the business to begin with: to do things your way and pursuing your own one of a kind vision and building an organization around it.

However, if a company is to grow in the right direction, it needs a defined identity. In order to make sure that your business doesn’t go the same path those that have tried and failed took; it is important to get your branding right from the start. The way you brand your startup business will set down a marker for what you want it to be and it is very difficult to change this once you are up and running.

Startup Business Branding | Website Design –

Name | Startup Business Branding

While the naming process requires a lot of time, patience and focus, finalizing it well is ultimately worth the effort. That’s due to the fact a name has a big impact on your entire business. The name is first thing that potential customers hear when you tell them about the company. At best, it shows maturity and relevance; at worst, a lack of vision, attention to detail and creativity. Before you can even finish your pitch, potential customers are already making judgments of your company, and bad names can be a real distraction to important conversations. An effective name will establish your marketplace presence, convey what you do, and create an unforgettable impression. Choosing the right name can be the difference between launching a commodity product with thin margins and creating an iconic, category-defining brand worth a fortune.

Startup Business Branding | Essential Guide to Building Your...

Visual Identity | Startup Business Branding

Never underestimate the effect your brand’s visual components have on people. There are quaint sayings like ‘never judge a book by its cover’ and ‘beauty is only skin deep’. While the clothes might not ‘make the man’, they can certainly help him get noticed. If potential customers don’t notice you, you’ll never develop a relationship with them. That’s why you need to look as good as you can. Logo, tag line, fonts, graphics, website, e-blasts, color scheme and business cards. And the list goes on. All of these choices matter and can instantly communicate—or fail to communicate—your intended message. The great thing about design is that if utilized correctly it can make your business instantly emit the values you want to communicate–trust, innovation, quirkiness and luxury, whatever your brand identity stands for.

Personality | Startup Business Branding

The truth is many businesses fail to recognize the importance of creating brand experiences through brand personality. They replace their online persona with boring corporate speak and industry jargon. Or, they blow it by not keeping the experience consistent, ultimately confusing potential clients or making them feel as if something is wrong with the company. No matter the business or the industry, every brand has a personality. A carefully strategized and executed brand personality can mean big things for your company. Finding your brand personality is not always easy. You may have to test different methods before you identify a winning persona for your brand. You have little to lose and much to gain.

Startup Business Branding | Essential Guide to Building Your...

Startup Business Branding | Website Design –

Since developing a branding strategy includes consistency, don’t change a thing if what you’ve done is working. But, be prepared to update if necessary. As with any marketing effort, you should revisit your branding efforts from time to time to see if everything you’re doing is still relevant to your startup.

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