Successful Branding Tips | Don’t Just Survive…Thrive! – 7 Brand Habits of Successful Businesses

Successful Branding Tips | Don't Just Survive…Thrive! ...

Successful Branding Tips | There are misconceptions about how important branding is to success, how much work it takes, and the best ways to do it. But every business, from a fresh-faced startup to Apple, knows good branding can make a product or service. When someone says “brand identity”, people usually think of the main element used to identify a brand: a logo. However, brand identity goes way beyond logo design, and your company name. The whole purpose of brand identity is to build a memorable, unique image for your business that clients can use to identify you in a crowd.

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With the tools available to small business owners nowadays, it is possible to build a strong, and successful brand without a huge budget, but what should you be focusing your efforts on? Here are key points that will help you turn your business idea into a brand that clients will love, and your competitors will envy.

Get Your Name And Logo Right | Successful Branding Tips

The key to a successful brand is to start with a good, solid logo. A logo, by definition, is a graphic representation, or a symbol of a company name. With that said, your logo should be as unique as your business and its name. The name will appear on your business cards, letterhead, website, social networks, promotional materials, products, and pretty much everywhere in print and online to identify your business, or your products, and services.

Successful Branding Tips | Don't Just Survive…Thrive! ...

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Keep It Simple | Successful Branding Tips

Just because you can add a feature, doesn’t mean you should. Focus on emphasizing the single most important reason people should keep on coming back. You need to focus on telling the stories your clients will share to others, keep your visual design simple and to the point, and deliver your core value in every little detail.

Have Great Products And Services | Successful Branding Tips

Word of mouth is usally a small business’s best lead generator, so having great products and services that people talk about is a vital part of your branding strategy. The product or service offered by the brand must be simple to use: the term “user-friendly” applies to more than just websites. If clients cannot use something easily, they’ll stop purchasing it and – even worse – spread negative feedback that will keep the brand from gaining new clients.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency | Successful Branding Tips

If you’re trying to build an effective brand identity, you need to devise a consistent graphic style and stick to it in all of your marketing and public presentation. You should be consistent with your brand across all social platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, your website, your business card, billboard or television advertisements. It’s crucial that your brand resonates with your clients in order to keep them coming back. Ensuring consistency across your messages enforces the idea of professionalism, and cements the identity of your company with your clients.

Stand Out | Successful Branding Tips

Standing out means being different. If your brand is going to be successful, you have to be able to pinpoint what it is that makes what you do unique. What makes your business unique? What’s your story? What do you do that others in your industry do not do? You want to set yourself apart from competitors. Brand should explain, in tone and visuals, how you’re different from them, not how you’re similar.

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Successful Branding Tips | Don't Just Survive…Thrive! ...

Find Your Voice | Successful Branding Tips

What you say is important, but don’t overlook how you say it. An effective way to ensure your distinct brand message is delivered consistently across your business is to focus on how you communicate with clients – in-person, over the phone, or on social media. Successful brands speak with a unique voice.

Successful Branding Tips | Website Design –

Have A Value Proposition | Successful Branding Tips

Value, not to be mistaken with price, can help define your brand, and differentiate you from the competition. You can focus on having the best products in the market, having the lower prices in the marketplace, or great customer service. You can also focus on a combination of those things. What sets your product, service and company apart from your competitors? What value do you provide and how does that value differ from that provided by your competitors? Think about which of the benefits are emotional – the most powerful brands tap into emotions.

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