Successful Photography Website | Look Like A Million Bucks On A Dime: Secrets To Successful Photography Website

Successful Photography Website | Look Like A Million Bucks

Successful Photography Website | A website is one of the most powerful tools for any professional photographer. A well-designed website allows your work to be found through search engines, can be used as a great digital portfolio, and it is an effective way to communicate with your potential clients and fans of your work. In the age of digital photography, almost anyone is considered a photographer as long as they have an index finger capable of pressing the shutter button. And let’s face it, out of 100 frames, one has to come out half decent without any knowledge of photography whatsoever. This is why a great photography website is vital to rise above the competition.

Successful Photography Website | Website Design –

The landing page of your website is usually the first thing that your potential clients see, and you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep them around longer. In addition to stunning images, what features are found in successful photography websites? What elements will help you turn page views into new business projects? Does your photography website hit each of these points? If not, why not?

Sketch Out A Layout | Successful Photography Website

Don’t use generic, pre-designed templates. You are an artist and what makes an artistic statement is not a template that thousands of other photographers are using too. Sketching out a layout before you even touch the mouse is a common practice among web developers, and it should be no different for your photography website. Simplicity is key here. Your images are supposed to be the star of the show, so don’t clutter it up with useless design elements. If people notice the design of a website over the photography it contains, that’s a problem.

Successful Photography Website | Look Like A Million Bucks

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Don’t Use Flash | Successful Photography Website

Flash is a technology that enables web designers to build some impressive looking websites but it has a very important disadvantage: search engines can’t read text inside a Flash website. For a search engine, a Flash website is just like a enormous blank page without any text at all. While it makes a seemingly dull website look interesting, it can also make it load slow, and in many ways, make your website unavailable to mobile devices. And the mobile devices are a big thing.

Get The Most Out Of The Mobile Version | Successful Photography Website

What good is a well-designed website if it’s not optimized for mobile devices? In today’s digital world, almost nothing. Consider taking a “mobile first” approach during conception, planning, content creation, design, review, testing… all the way to release and revisions. Keep mobile development in mind as you develop your website, so that all of your clients can achieve optimal interaction with your website from whatever device they employ.

Respect Text Contrast | Successful Photography Website

One thing that hasn’t changed much in the last 25 years of internet is the importance of text contrast. While it is true that the early internet was overloaded with flashing banners, what many businesses did get right in the early days was effective contrast. Depending on the style of photography, images usually look a lot better when you view them on a black background. This is typically because there is more contrast than when viewing against white.

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Successful Photography Website | Look Like A Million Bucks

Keep It Fresh | Successful Photography Website

Content is still king. You don’t want visitors to your website to see outdated content and think your business isn’t around anymore, which could affect your bottom line. The average portfolio on a photography website gets updated once every three months or so. With that being said, how do you expect to get repeat visitors if you rarely add new and interesting content to your website? Just because it’s a website dedicated to photography doesn’t mean you have to keep it strictly to just posting images. A blog is one of the best elements any website can have with the additional keywords for which you can rank, plus the regular amount of content you can publish.

Successful Photography Website | Website Design –

Your Pages Must Load Fast | Successful Photography Website

If you do nothing else to improve your web pages, you should make them load as fast as possible. A slow loading time is one of the main reasons why people leave a website. Search engines also dislike slow websites, it’s been proved that Google gives lower rankings to slow websites. Remember that you have just five seconds to explain your value proposition to users when they enter to your site. If you don’t answer a user’s needs right away, he or she will click “back” and exit your site.

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