Superior Business Cards | Business Cards That Will Make Your Business Pop: Tips For Unique And Affordable Business Cards

Superior Business Cards | Business Cards That Will Make ...

Superior Business Cards | The business card is the ultimate staple to your professional appearance. The ability to take out your perfectly designed business card to new clients made everywhere from between the work cubicles to industry events is not only a boost in confidence, but takes your networking skills to the next level. Unfortunately, too many people have business cards that just blend into the pile of mediocre cards already out there. There are many situations where the person you want to remember you has been handed over a dozen business cards – how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

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It may be hard to believe with all the options we have for sharing contact information electronically, but the good old-fashioned business card is not going away any time soon. According to a recent survey, a staggering 87 percent of Americans still exchange business cards when they meet someone for the first time. Mediocrity won’t help you here, it is crucial to make your business card jump out from all of the other cards. Here are some tips to make your business cards stand out.

Lose The Kitchen-Sink Approach | Superior Business Cards

Yes, your card has to stand out, but it shouldn’t be confusing. Even though you may be tempted to include a wide array of contact options (office, cell, and fax number; street address; e-mail; Twitter and Facebook ID; LinkedIn URL), a better approach is to prune ruthlessly. Ask yourself: Where do you really engage with potential clients? Don’t clutter things up too much – as with the design, simpler, and cleaner is always better.

Superior Business Cards | Business Cards That Will Make ...

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Link Your Online And Offline Worlds | Superior Business Cards

Your business card can be a link between your online and in-person presence. QR Codes have become popular because they are easily scanned using a smartphone, which can instantly store or make use of the barcode data — usually contact info or a website link. To make the most of a QR code, make sure it leads to a special landing page on your website where the potential client can learn more about your company, and reach you for more information. For example, it could be an About page with a video demonstration, and a click-to-call button, or a form they can fill out to start receiving your newsletters.

Have A Signature Color | Superior Business Cards

Your business card should convey your brand at a glance. This means your logo should be prominent, and the overall feel of the card should harmonize with the rest of your marketing materials. Have a particular color tone to your website? Love a specific color combination? As long as it doesn’t hurt the eyes, let your business card build your personal brand in a memorable way through color.

Use Both Sides | Superior Business Cards

The back of the card is already there, so why not use it? The back is the perfect place to put your tagline, a brief list of your services, or information about your services. There are lots of possibilities. Traditional card storage modes assume that side is blank, so if you are going to put copy on it, be sure the information is of a supplemental nature.

Spend More On Quality | Superior Business Cards

Generic business cards are a dime a dozen (or 250 for $10), but they blend in, and send a “blah” message that your company is just like everyone else’s. Have you ever noticed that some business cards just feel more important than others? They’re a bit thicker, with paper that’s smoother, softer, or maybe even textured. By spending a little more on high-quality elements such as handmade or textured paper, rounded corners, colored edges or embossed print, you can leave an impression of quality that makes your business cards, and your business, memorable.

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Superior Business Cards | Business Cards That Will Make ...

Think Of Your Card As A Call To Action | Superior Business Cards

Consider printing limited number of customized cards tailored to specific events, campaigns, or markets. Maybe for a trade show, tote cards sharing a show-specific offer. Do you offer a free consultation, a free coaching session, or even a discount coupon for new clients? Advertise your offer on your card, so people will know what you have for them, and they’ll be more likely to hang on to the card at least long enough to cash in.

Superior Business Cards | Website Design –

Think about how you use other people’s business cards when you make decisions regarding your own. Do you get frustrated when you can’t quickly find the information you need? Do cheaply produced cards make you think less of the person or company represented? Don’t make those same mistakes when designing your business card. Make sure it’s a positive reflection of both you and your company, and it mirrors your well-defined brand identity.

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