Timeless Website Design | How To Create A Timeless Website In A Trend-Obsessed World

Timeless Website Design | How To Create A Timeless Web

Timeless Website Design | In the last 25 years the internet has evolved substantially, and consumer behavior has changed even more. Websites now dominate the way we interact, the way we shop, and the way we make decisions both online and in the real world. Of all of the weapons in a small business owner’s marketing arsenal, your website is one of the most effective. A functional and appealing website can be the crucial difference that makes a client choose to stay, browse and make a purchase, instead of moving on to a competitor’s website.

Timeless Website Design | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Many small business owners struggle with the seemingly daunting task of creating and maintaining their website. There always seems to be so much to do, yet not enough time to do it all (something we know all too well). These tips should help you nail the key elements of website design that will help you create a timeless website your clients will love.

The Most Important Word Is Design | Timeless Website Design

Your website represents your business and everything about it. It is the first impression a potential client will get from your business. Steve Jobs used design as a competitive advantage to build one of the most successful brands in the world. And though you may be a small business, you should still realize that design plays a massive role in your client’s purchasing decisions. Consider the impression you want to leave, and the message that you want to convey to your existing and potential clients.

Timeless Website Design | How To Create A Timeless Web

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Create A Branded Experience | Timeless Website Design

Design also extends beyond aesthetics. It includes branding – having a consistent message across your entire website and showing how you are different and better than your competition. Save the smiley faces and animated graphics for emails to your friends — your website should have a professional look that fits your brand. Use colors that go with your logo colors; choose one or two fonts and use them consistently across the website; make sure graphics or images complement each other and look professional. If in doubt, keep it simple.

Basic Search Engine Optimization Is Essential | Timeless Website Design

There is no point having a website that no one visits. SEO is simply that process which makes your website rank higher in search engines for given keywords that people type into search fields. In order for search engines to understand what’s on your page and better connect you to potential clients, you have to have your most important information (keywords) included in your website. Whether or not you decide to optimize your website for search engines should depend on how much your company will benefit from increased website traffic. It’s never advised that a business owner tries to optimize the website without professional help, as it can be a long and complicated process best done by professionals.

Optimize Your Call To Actions | Timeless Website Design

Everything on your marketing website should be designed around your “funnel.” That is, the path a visitor takes from the home page (or a landing page) to eventually converting to a paying client or subscriber. Look at any successful eCommerce or service provider website and you will see they include a CTA, or a “Call To Action.” The most common calls to action are “Request a Quote,” “Buy Now,” and “Work With Us.” Put your call to action in the upper portion of your website, along with your phone number and/or email address (if you want customers to call or email you).

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Timeless Website Design | How To Create A Timeless Web

Keep It Fresh | Timeless Website Design

Content is still king. You don’t want visitors to see outdated content and think your business isn’t in business anymore, which could affect your bottom line. Blogging is one of the best ways to keep your website up to date. A blog enables you to publish content that is useful specifically for your audience, and if this content is formatted for search engines and people access your blog through organic searches, the authority of your website will increase. This helps improve the authority and trust of your domain.

Timeless Website Design | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Showcase Your Products And Services | Timeless Website Design

You’re selling a product or service. Make sure that you clearly showcase that product or service on your homepage. If you are selling something that has a visual representation – then professional looking photography is key. Even a multi-million dollar resort will not look good if the photographs are amateurish. If you care about what you have to sell, then it´s worth investing in some professional photographs to show people what you have.

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