Top Business Card Design Tips | Why Business Cards Still Matter (And How To Design One That Wows)

Top Business Card Design Tips | Why Business Cards Still

Top Business Card Design Tips | Business cards have long been a staple of networking events. But, in today’s digital world, are they worth the expense? Business cards are so omnipresent that they run the risk of becoming an afterthought. Smart entrepreneurs, however, know better than to allow that to happen. Anywhere you go that you meet other people, like networking events, meetings, luncheons, even in line at your local grocery store – can hold the potential to make new contacts. Having a professionally designed business card is basically like having a firm handshake. It can be the deciding factor if a potential client remembers you after the last meetup you attended, or if you will be forgotten.

Top Business Card Design Tips | Website Design –

A business card is often the first thing that potential clients get from you, so it’s vitally important to keep them up-to-date and looking great. It’s only a small piece of paper, but it can convey a lot about your business, employees and the overall nature of your brand. However, with so many ways that people have to connect and network, you have to make sure your business card is effective in order to keep it from ending up in the trash. Fortunately, designing effective business cards does not require extra money, only a bit of thought and planning.

Stay True To Your Brand | Top Business Card Design Tips

Choose a card style that’s appropriate for your business, industry and personal style. If you’re a lawyer, for instance, you don’t want to be caught handing out day-glow cards with cartoon figures on them. Clearly define what your business is all about so that people get a good idea what your business is about and what it can do for them. Unless people are impressed, they won’t become your clients. You have to walk your talk and show that you firmly believe that what you offer is of tremendous value to others, starting with yourself.

Top Business Card Design Tips | Why Business Cards Still

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Make Sure It Is Legible | Top Business Card Design Tips

Remember that fancy font that only you know what it says? Get rid of it. Keeping fonts simple and consistent throughout your printed materials can be beneficial not only to the receiver of your business card, but to your brand as well. Quirky fonts are fun, but there’s a time and a place for them, and your business card usually isn’t the right place. Make sure the fonts you use on your business card aren’t too small, too complex, or distorted in some way, making your card hard to read. Ask yourself, how are people supposed to contact you if they can’t actually read the contact information?

Utilize The Back | Top Business Card Design Tips

If you can’t fit all of your information onto the front of your card, consider a double-sided business card. Custom business card designs are popular now and attract quite a bit of attention for being unique and easy to pick out in a crowd of business cards. Many small business owners will keep the back of the card blank, but that is a huge waste of space. It is crucial to get creative with the back of the card. Putting something special like a coupon, report, or special offer will help keep your card out of the trash.

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Top Business Card Design Tips | Why Business Cards Still

Don’t Skimp On Paper Quality | Top Business Card Design Tips

Your business card may sometimes be the first impression people will have of your brand, so you don’t want to have cards that appear to be anything less than professional. You may be able to save some money and update your information easily if you decide to print them yourself using your office printer, but the effect of handing over a homemade business card isn’t the same as cards that are printed professionally.

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Keep it Simple | Top Business Card Design Tips

No matter the design, your business card should be 3.5 inches in length and 2 inches in height. Business card holders, folders, filers and wallets are created to accommodate cards this size. There is a way to be creative, while keeping things simple. It can be all too tempting to try and stuff in as much information as possible on a small card. Doing this will ward off any potential client and won’t help in any way. People shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by too many images or different fonts because it will take away from the information on the card. When in doubt, put excess information on the back of the card, utilizing both sides.

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