Top Business Card Ideas | 7 Ways To Improve Your Business Cards (Remember Those?)

Top Business Card Ideas | 7 Ways To Improve Your Business...

Top Business Card Ideas | In the business world, a great first impression can be made (or not) with a firm handshake, and a business card. So, a dated, or a badly-designed business card can hinder the opportunity to leave a favorable first impression. As interesting as your Twitter handle might be, your contact information is pointless if poorly presented. Your business card should stand out from the pile, convey your expertise, and the overall image of your business.

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Almost anyone can design a business card, but do you know how to take your ordinary design, and turn it into something that will be memorable? More than 27 million business cards are printed every day. Even with the new technology, business cards have yet to become a thing of the past. But just because business cards are being printed every day, doesn’t mean they’re also being kept. It’s time to really analyze the 3.5″ x 2″ card you’re handing out.

Consistency Is The Key To A Well-Designed Business Card | Top Business Card Ideas

Your business card design must consistently convey your company brand, and stay within brand guidelines. A business card communicates your brand by using brand elements, such as logo, colors, and fonts. It is crucial that your business card is consistent with your other marketing materials. A professionally designed business card will clearly represent your business to others, boost brand recognition, and increase brand awareness.

Top Business Card Ideas | 7 Ways To Improve Your Business...

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Include Important Information | Top Business Card Ideas

The main goal of a business card is to make it easy for potential clients to get in touch you. Include only the contact information that is absolutely essential. While it is possible that your business uses many e-mail addresses, multiple telephone numbers, and a diversity of social platforms – your business card is not the place to list them all. Keep it simple by listing your main phone number – possibly both land-line and mobile, the e-mail address you check the most, and one social link if you have to.

Readability Is Paramount | Top Business Card Ideas

Simplicity of design is vital. The style of font and print layout must be created to make sure that all readers can easily understand the information printed on your cards. Be sure the type color stands out against the background of the card, too. Light gray type on a white card makes it hard to see letters and numbers. Funky fonts are fun, but there’s a time and a place for them, and your business card definitely isn’t the right place. Make sure the fonts you use on your business card aren’t too small, too fancy, or distorted in some way, making your card difficult to read.

Quality Is Everything | Top Business Card Ideas

Traditional thin paper business cards from your 1997 Canon printer will fail to make an impression, and they get ruined quickly. Keep in mind that basic cards get thrown away more often. We recommend something a little more durable, so that your cards don’t bend and fold easily – think the opposite of a limp handshake. Give it some backbone. If the card feels flimsy, or appears like you printed it yourself on a cheap printer, it will leave people with impression that they are dealing with a business that will disappear as soon as the owner finds a real job.

Include A Call To Action | Top Business Card Ideas

Does your business card include a call to action? If not, you’re wasting another chance to motivate follow-ups. Keeping your business card simple and streamlined is a great idea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use some valuable real estate for a special offer, or other call to action. Write a short message that offers a discount, directs the reader to your website, or provides a tip that will be relevant and useful to the reader.

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Top Business Card Ideas | 7 Ways To Improve Your Business...

Use Common Sense | Top Business Card Ideas

The typically business card size is 3.5” x 2”— meaning wallets and business card holders are designed to accommodate this size. If you business card won’t fit into these items, it may get tossed away — making you lose out on potential business. A round card, for example, is quite memorable, but it definitely won’t fit in standard business-card holders. You have to be willing to trade convenience for memorability if you choose an unusual shape or size.

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Use Images And Details | Top Business Card Ideas

Business cards with images on it will stand out against the competition. Logos and branding images are great features for cards. Add a photo of you on-the-job: at your desk, shaking hands with happy customers, or otherwise engaging in some activity. This adds personality to your business card, which in turn will make customers want to do business with you.

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