Top Business Card Tips | Business Cards Are Here To Stay: Five Ways To Make Your Card Stand Out

Top Business Card Tips | Business Cards Are Here To Stay...

Top Business Card Tips | A business card is every small business owner’s best friend, their most effective marketing tool, and vital to becoming unforgettable. The power to hand out your perfectly designed business card to new connections made everywhere, from between the work cubicles to industry events, is not only a boost in confidence, but takes your networking abilities to the next level. Unfortunately, too many people have business cards that simply blend into the pile of cookie cutter cards already on their potential clients’ desks.

Top Business Card Tips | Website Design –

Oftentimes, your business card is the first interaction someone will have with your business, so it’s crucial that it leaves a good impression. But there are plenty of situations where the person you want to remember you has been handed over a dozen business cards — so how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

Choose The Right Information | Top Business Card Tips

Remember it is a gateway to your brand, not an encyclopedia. The typical card includes your name, position or occupation, company or business, company address, your work phone number, mobile phone number and email address. However, you do not need to put each of these on your card. Too often you see people that want their card to have everything on it. Keep in mind that you want the people to contact you. Ask yourself: Where do you really engage with potential clients? Where might they be most likely to get a sense of you and your company?

Consistent Branding | Top Business Card Tips

Make sure your business card has a look and feel that tells potential clients who you are, and what you do. It is very important there is consistency between your website’s branding, and your card. Did you use a specific color scheme for your website? Love a specific color combination? As long as it doesn’t hurt the eyes, let your business card build your business brand in a memorable way through color.

Top Business Card Tips | Business Cards Are Here To Stay...

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Be Visual | Top Business Card Tips

A simple logo is a yawner. Try using images, or graphics that start conversations and connections. It is highly recommended that you put a picture, or an image on your business card. Studies have shown that people are more likely to keep a business card with a photo on it. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Taglines Are Remembered | Top Business Card Tips

Multiple psychological studies have shown that people remember a tagline long before a company name. A tagline is a one-sentence benefit statement, and can prove extremely valuable for your card. So many of us have slogans, quotes or proverbs that match what we work toward on a professional and personal level, and it’s an effective way to add life to your business card without just placing your logo on the back.

A Very Glossy Finish (UV Coating) | Top Business Card Tips

Gloss has become very popular as a business card finish. This is a nice touch for any business card, because it adds a smooth finish and a different texture to the business card that it is applied to. However, if you are planning to write on your business card, you probably don’t want to UV coat your card, or at least only UV coat the side you won’t need to write on.

Embossing | Top Business Card Tips

Embossing is another great way to get attention with your business cards. Embossing is basically a technique where part of the card is pushed out a bit. It is a good way to add dimension and texture to your card. You can emboss a logo that you have printed on the card. You can’t help but to notice a card, or any other printed material with embossed lettering.

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Top Business Card Tips | Business Cards Are Here To Stay...

Plastic Cards | Top Business Card Tips

You don’t have to stick to just paper. Unique materials are where your business cards can really stand out. This is a chance to get very creative, because the only limits are your imagination. You can use anything for materials that you can print on. For example, clear plastic cards are not common, and you can sometimes even print white ink. These cards are fairly rigid and unique.

Top Business Card Tips | Website Design –

Let the Experts Do It | Top Business Card Tips

Sure, you can pick your business cards using an online template, but it’s worth spending a bit more to get something uniquely yours. Your business card should represent the perfect image of your company. A design that does not reflect what you do could have a negative impact on your business sales.

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