Top Online Branding Tips | Does Your Brand Need A Little Magic? 7 Tips For Creating Brands People Love

Top Online Branding Tips | Does Your Brand Need A Little ...

Top Online Branding Tips | If your business relies on leads from your website, then your online presence is the key to your success. Online branding is particularly crucial for service providers who don’t have a tangible product that clients can look at. Your brand, how it appears and how it makes people feel is what you want your existing and potential clients to think about your company. It comes through in your messaging, in your website content, in your social media statuses, at the trade shows, when you speak to audiences, and in your internal meetings.

Top Online Branding Tips | Website Design –

Passionate and creative individuals that understand how branding works can go from zero to hero. A business without a specific and distinct identity is very difficult to grow and expand in a competitive industry. It must continually work harder to find new clients and sometimes even go out of budget to get each client. Begin your online brand management strategies by optimizing or creating a solid foundation. Here are some vital tips to help you get started.

What is Your Brand? | Top Online Branding Tips

First, it’s crucial to understand that your brand is much more than your logo, packaging or products. As we mentioned in one of our earlier posts, it is about the sum total of the experiences clients have with your business. Inconsistency can negatively affect your branding. At best, your brand might not be memorable, but at worst, it can create a reputation of confusion and apathy.

Top Online Branding Tips | Does Your Brand Need A Little ...

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Build Your Online Platform | Top Online Branding Tips

Build your own online platform such as a blog or website that you own, then promote your content and engage with your audience on social networks. Today, pretty much everyone (or their assistants) goes online to research products and services before they do business with a company, which means you have to make your online presence known. A well-designed website is a great projection tool for the company throughout the Internet. A well reflecting and effective professional website doesn’t always require a huge budget, a good planning is sometimes all you need.

Consistently Produce Useful, Innovative Content | Top Online Branding Tips

These days, every company is basically a media company. So it’s easier than ever to provide relevant, informative content for customers and prospects. Establish yourself as industry leader by sharing free educational content. Offer useful white papers, e-books, and other downloadable materials that your visitors will actually need or benefit from. Aim to establish yourself as a resource for knowledge, humor, current events, or whatever else you can capitalize on.

Network Digitally And In Person | Top Online Branding Tips

Nothing communicates a brand more effectively than direct involvement with existing and potential clients. In that regard, online social networking has opened a new door. Positive engagement on social media can boost the likelihood that your audience will find your brand likable. Social media is a chance to make your brand more personable and human, and less like a faceless corporation. That’s not to say that in-person networking isn’t effective. On the contrary, perfect B2B branding combination. Take advantage of opportunities to give keynote speeches, partake in panel discussions or lead breakout sessions at industry events.

Social Buttons | Top Online Branding Tips

Make it easy for people to find you online. Include social media buttons on your website that will directly link people to the company’s social media accounts which can also be included in the company’s email signature. Display your social following stats. Use a social stats widget or plugin on your website to display your social following stats in order to add credibility.

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Top Online Branding Tips | Does Your Brand Need A Little ...

Have A Distinct Voice | Top Online Branding Tips

A great way to make sure your distinct brand message is delivered consistently across your business is to focus on how you and your employees interact and communicate with clients – in-person, over the phone and on social media. One common mistake is filling website content with industry language and buzzwords. Instead of pitching to a client with fancy terms, speak to them in language that they would use to search for your products or services. You must get in the mind of your potential customers.

Top Online Branding Tips | Website Design –

Email Marketing Still Works | Top Online Branding Tips

Not everyone in your target market is going to know to visit your website, so you need to go to them. The best way to do this is to build up a quality contact list and send out emails that entice them to visit your site. Create a branding signature as an ending to your emails with the company’s logo and information. This will be an easy way to look more professional and will help you to raise brand awareness.

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