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Top Photography Branding Tips | It’s no secret that competition in the photography industry has gotten fierce. But what makes your photography business stand out from the crowd? While many photographers want to focus all of their time on their work, it is vital to keep in mind that you, and your photography business are a brand. How you brand your business – from your logo design and business cards, to your portfolio website, and social media – all affect a potential client’s decision whether to do business with you or not. Branding, simply put, is the way you feel about a company; it is the first impression a client has about who you are, and what you have to offer.

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Building a brand for your photography business can be hard for busy photographers, or creative parents wanting to turn their hobby into a full time job. This first impression can turn a client into a critic, by giving bad reviews, and deterring people from your services. Or, they can fall in love with your work, and become your number one fan! Here are a few things to keep in mind while creating your brand.

What Is Your Niche? | Top Photography Branding Tips

If you’ve been struggling to answer this question for some time, you’re definitely not alone. Most photographers, in fact most small business owners, are challenged to answer this question with clear language, and confidence. Make a list of the characteristics of your ideal client, and use this list to pinpoint your target audience. Try to be as specific as possible, including traits such as age, income, gender, business or consumer, etc. Who are you going after? Engaged couples? Moms? Parents to be? And most importantly, how do you want to come across to them?

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Hire A Professional Logo Designer | Top Photography Branding Tips

Image is the most critical part of branding. It sounds obvious, but design a simple, appealing, and professional logo that will stand out and get you recognized by your target audience. Keep in mind that your logo will be everywhere: your website, marketing material, and so forth. It’s worth the $500–$700 that it’ll cost you to get it done. Things to consider: Do you want to be super artsy with it? Clean and simple? Let the pros do their thing. They understand the importance of a good logo, but also how to actually design one.

Be Active On Social Media | Top Photography Branding Tips

Social media is vital to branding. For photography businesses, Pinterest and Facebook are two obvious networks to sign up for, as they offer large, high-resolution images, and creative photographic communities waiting to see your work. Believe it or not, people come to your website to see great images! To be inspired. To hire a great photographer. So, rather than talk about what you ate for breakfast or your bike ride, use social media to give your potential clients what they want: amazing images!

Be Consistent | Top Photography Branding Tips

Once you choose a design path, make sure there is a thing, or a few, that keeps your brand cohesive and consistent across all mediums. Print, online, advertising, promotion, and sales. When it comes to branding, consistency is crucial. Keep your brand phrases, colors, typeface, logo, and style consistent in everything you do. From your website to print flyers, it should all boost the brand you’re building in the same way.

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Create An About Page That Shows Off Your Personality | Top Photography Branding Tips

Brands are like people – they should have personality, and that personality has a direct effect on clients and potential business partners. When you’re creating your brand, decide what type of “person” it’s going to be. Many photographers rely on their images to do all the talking, and forget that their written voice is an effective tool too, and one of the best representations of their brand. The personality you convey on your website’s About page is most likely the first time potential clients are “meeting” you.

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Provide Something Different | Top Photography Branding Tips

Setting yourself and your services apart from photographers in your niche can help generate interest in a larger pool of potential clients. Whether your specialty is weddings, photojournalism, portraits, or fashion, you can’t rely only on your specialty to make you stand out. Intuition tells us to try to be everything to everyone, so we can earn money from all directions. In truth, this is one of the world’s worst, dullest, and definitely most overplayed marketing strategies. What do you offer that’s different? How do you go above and beyond to provide great customer support for these services and products? How do you provide a truly unique experience for your clients while on the job?

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