Top Photography Business Card Secrets | Double Your Clients With Just Your Business Card!

Top Photography Business Card Secrets | Double Your Clients With Just ...

Top Photography Business Card Secrets | Business cards are all around us. And they’ve been around for centuries. Literally! So it’s no wonder that the good ol’ business card has become the backbone of doing business in any industry. And in spite of all the technological advancements and inventions such as smartphones and the Internet, they’re just as useful as the day they were first used – just a tad more stylish! Yet, you’d be amazed just how many photographers out there choose to cut corners when ordering business cards, or even worse, choose not to use them at all!

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Imagine shooting a wedding! You’re running from one place to another trying not to miss an important moment (Who wants to receive an angry email from a bride asking why there are no photos of her throwing the bouquet?), and a guest stops you to ask about your services. Do you risk missing that oh-so-special first dance of the newlyweds in order to talk to a potential client? Or do you dig through your bag looking for a pen to scribble down your website and email on a napkin, hoping a buzzed guest will keep it till the next day? Or do you hand out a professionally designed business card and carry on? The choice isn’t that difficult, is it?

Sort Out The Basics | Top Photography Business Card Secrets

The main purpose of a business card is to provide your potential and existing clients and business partners with your contact details, so you’ll want to sort this out right off the bat. However, remember that the space is rather limited on the average business card, so narrow down your selection of details to only the most important ones, otherwise you risk cluttering your business card. What’s most important?

Top Photography Business Card Secrets | Double Your Clients With Just ...

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Your name should definitely be there. No one likes calling a number without having the slightest idea of who will pick up the phone on the other side of the line. You’ll also want to include your phone number, as well as the email address you check most frequently. If you don’t have a studio, you can consider leaving out your physical address and including your social media links if you use social media to promote your services.

Keep Things Simple | Top Photography Business Card Secrets

There’s a fine line between including enough elements in your business card design and cluttering it, so leave out everything that doesn’t add real value to your card. Remember, you want your contact details to be the focal point, not flashy design, so include plenty of white space, especially around the most important details. Think about it: it’s your business card, not a brochure, so don’t overshadow your contact details with complex design. If you really want to include a special promotional coupon, or other unnecessary elements, add them on the back side!

Readability Is Vital | Top Photography Business Card Secrets

Inexperienced designers and amateurs will often shrink down the size of text to make sure everything fits on the card. In theory, this is a great idea. However, when you print this on the actual card, the content will turn into an illegible smudge. Keep in mind that the average business card measures only 3.5 x 2 inches, and if you use a small font size, the content will be really difficult to read. At the end of the day, you want your potential client to be able to read your phone number at a single glance, so don’t make them use a magnifying glass to decipher the details.

In addition to using a font that’s large enough, you need to pay attention to the font it self. Now, we all have that pretty calligraphic font we stumbled upon while browsing Pinterest, but if it’s not super easy to read, it doesn’t belong on your business card. Just like with the font size, the goal here is to make your contact details easy to read, so if it’s difficult to read a font, you’ll want to leave it out and use a simple, easy to read font that will convey the information quickly and concisely.

Brand It | Top Photography Business Card Secrets

Your potential and existing clients will hold onto your business card long after the meeting is over, so it will be much like a foot soldier representing your business and your brand without you there. This can only happen if your business card fits the rest of your marketing and stationery items. Yes, you’re already using the same contact details throughout your materials, but there are other things you can use to ensure consistency.

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Top Photography Business Card Secrets | Double Your Clients With Just ...

For example, you can use the same color scheme to tie all the items together. If you already have a bunch of stationery items, take a look at all of them and look for a common thread – a single color, or a combination of more colors, the same font you used throughout your items, or even similar style of graphics. The goal is to have your potential and existing clients think of your brand the moment they lay their eyes on your business card.

Top Photography Business Card Secrets | Website Design –

Invest In High-Quality Paper | Top Photography Business Card Secrets

You can come up with the world’s most appealing design, but if the paper you use to print your business card isn’t up to the standards of your brand, you’ll never leave a good impression. Your potential clients are likely to compare the quality of your services to the quality of the paper you use, so make sure you’re not using paper that gets torn or dented easily.

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