Top Small Business Logo Ideas | How To Make People Fall In Love With Your Business Using Only Your Logo

Top Small Business Logo Ideas | How To Make People Fall In Love With

Top Small Business Logo Ideas | In today’s day and age when everyone must have a website to promote the product or the service they’re offering, the demand for a high-class logo has never been higher. Logo designers are in high demand, and it’s for good reason — a logo is usually a business’s first impression, one that can affect a potential client’s brand perception, purchase decisions and overall attitude toward a product.

Top Small Business Logo Ideas | Website Design –

But it’s simple to come up with a logo, right? Think again. There’s more to creating a brand’s visual identity than just placing a name in a square and calling it a day. Consider Allstate’s “good hands” logo. It instantly creates a warm feeling about the business, symbolizing care and trust. With a little thought and creativity, your logo can effectively and graphically express many positive attributes of your business, too. In this post, we explain some of the most important items to make your business logo design successful.

Be Unique | Top Small Business Logo Ideas

This is one of those oft-said but rarely followed tips. How does a logo rise to prominence as a brand’s identity? The answer is simpler than you may think! By being uniquely identifiable. In many cases, imitation is the best form of flattery — however, when logo design is concerned, this is not the case. The last thing you want from a business logo is to have it mistaken for that of a competitor. So when considering logo design, it’s vitally important to keep it original. Look at what’s out there and find an opening for something new.

Top Small Business Logo Ideas | How To Make People Fall In Love With

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Use Your Company Or Product Name | Top Small Business Logo Ideas

While there are some abstract logos, like the Chevron V’s or the Nike swoosh, that are instantly recognizable, that’s because they’ve been around forever. Before a business can think about solely representing itself with a symbol, a great deal of advertising must be done (think: Starbucks or Mercedes). Some companies choose to stick to type-based logos entirely, like Ray-Ban, Coca-Cola and IBM.

Start With Black And White | Top Small Business Logo Ideas

Creating your logo in color can really limit its versatility and hinder your creativity. So you’ll want to design the logo in black and white. This will enable you to focus more on concept and shape, which, in turn, helps ensure that your logo will look good in various colors as well as without any color. Once you have the basic design, start thinking about adding colors and other decorative elements. However, keep in mind that every color has a different meaning and can bring nuance to your message — don’t fall into the trap of communicating the wrong message because of a simple brush stroke.

Make It Clean And Functional | Top Small Business Logo Ideas

Your logo should work just as good on a business card as it would on the side of a truck. A good logo should be scalable, easy to print, memorable and distinctive. How does it look when it’s as small as a stamp or as large as a billboard? An effective logo works across a variety of media and applications. For this reason, you should design your logo in vector format, in order to ensure that its scales to any size without affecting the quality. A logo design that looks great in only certain instances will not become popular.

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Top Small Business Logo Ideas | How To Make People Fall In Love With

Know Your Brand | Top Small Business Logo Ideas

Yes, a logo is an image, but it’s also an introduction to a brand. The logo must reach a specific audience and when designing, you must keep this in mind. While your logo does not have to relate directly to a brand’s business, it should be appropriate for your target audience. That includes logo position, color scheme and even the symbol itself. The logo should reflect the brand and your potential clients, whether those clients are children and parents or CEOs and business people.

Top Small Business Logo Ideas | Website Design –

Be Dynamic | Top Small Business Logo Ideas

Be it design, art or even writing, flexibility and adaptability will go a long way in helping you succeed. To put it in other words, your logo has to be dynamic and not static. Being rigid when it comes to logo design only leads to no scope for improvement and innovation, and when innovation dies, the design also dies. Remember, restaurant logos don’t need to show food, dentist logos don’t need to show teeth, furniture store logos don’t need to show furniture. Just because it’s relevant, doesn’t mean you can’t do better.

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