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Top Web Designs | Creating Website Design For Business ...

Top Web Designs | There aren’t any magic pills to design a great website that absolutely everyone will visit again and again, but there are things you can do to help. Anyone who uses the internet knows what they like in a website. There are some common areas you can focus on to make the website as easy to use, and as user-friendly as possible. It should also load quickly, and offer what the visitors are looking for right up front. Want to get your visitors to stick around on your website longer and click around, or buy stuff? Read on!

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Like the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, web design is judged by the visitors, and not the website owners. There are many elements that can affect the usability of a website, and it is not just about form (how appealing it is), but also function (how easy is it to use). With functionality, it’s vitally important that visitors know how to use your website. You can definitely add in extras, but the basics should be obvious. When it comes to the appeal of your website, there are trends you can follow, but you can also try to make your website stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips to get you started.

Have A Strong, Clear Brand Message | Top Web Designs

Your website should build the image you want the world to see – and the great news is that through web design you can control that image entirely. In terms of physical design this means placing your logo, or key messages in the top left hand corner – the part of the screen our eyes are most naturally drawn to, as we read left to right, top to bottom. Your logo is an essential part of your brand, so make sure it’s located obviously throughout your website. Also, it’s a good rule of thumb to link your logo back to your homepage, so that visitors can easily navigate back to it.

Top Web Designs | Creating Website Design For Business ...

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Provide A Clear, Concise Navigation Method | Top Web Designs

A great web designer will make sure that they use design techniques to help the visitor navigate around. Complex navigation bar will result in visitors abandoning your website, rather than trying to figure it out. So instead of putting links to less important pages that detract from your call to action or the information at the top of your home page, put less important links or pieces of information at the bottom of a page in the footer.

Keep It Simple | Top Web Designs

The whole draw of using a website is that it should be fast, and simple to use. To this end simplicity is vital. There’s no need for too many extra bells and whistles on a website. They don’t get you more traffic, and they definitely don’t help your bottom line. Today’s internet users won’t hang around, so make sure the page is scannable. That means not being afraid to use (read: leave in) plenty of white space. All you need are great images, and some concise text that are well balanced on every page, with a few links and a few buttons to navigate to other pages on your website.

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Top Web Designs | Creating Website Design For Business ...

Write With Your Target Audience In Mind | Top Web Designs

Content is king. It’s there to give information, and answer questions even before they’ve been asked. When writing the copy for your website, do keep in mind your target audience. Tempting as it is to use the website to bombard the visitor with all the information you can, do keep it short, and concise, and use laymen’s terms if appropriate – or include a glossary if technical terms are unavoidable. Words matter, so keep them short, sweet, and to the point.

Top Web Designs | Website Design –

Your Pages Must Load Fast | Top Web Designs

If you do nothing else to improve your website, you should make it load as quickly as possible. Fast page load times are vitally important, both for your visitors, and for SEO. It may be tempting to load those amazing high definition product images, or write at enormous length on a topic you are passionate about, but slow loading pages will drive your visitors away. The thing about speed is that people only notice it when it’s gone.

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