Top Website Designs | Things Every Website In 2014 Should Have, Do, And Be

Top Website Designs | Things Every Website In 2014 Should ...

Top Website Designs | Each year comes with its own take on web design. Just as fashion evolves, although not as often, web design also changes with the times. The changes can be subtle from year to year, but they really add up over time. If you’re running a small business, then you know how crucial it is to keep your website, and content up to date, and relevant, which means keeping up with all the latest web design trends. Nothing will break your website’s page ranking faster than irrelevant information, and tired design.

Top Website Designs | Website Design –

It’s October! Fall is here, the pumpkin spice lattes are flowing, and the end of 2014 is in sight. What better time than now to review your website’s usability? The holiday season is upon us again, and there’ll be last-minute online gift shopping, expedited deliveries, and post-holiday returns, and exchanges. Your clients know what they are looking for when it comes to the latest trends and fads. You have to know what these latest trends are in your niche, and make sure that your company will be able to meeting those needs. How will your website handle this season’s shopping frenzy?

Go Responsive Or Go Home | Top Website Designs

Over the last few years responsive design has solidified itself as the new standard for web design, and in fact more and more companies are choosing to go in that direction. As more people are maximizing their use of mobile devices for pastime, and communication, websites must meet these trends, and offer better responsiveness. This was one of last year’s hottest trends, and it seems to be continuing into fall 2014, so much so, it has ceased to be a trend and should now be considered the new norm.

Top Website Designs | Things Every Website In 2014 Should ...

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Big, Bigger, Ginormous! The Case Of The Full-Screen Image | Top Website Designs

There was a time not long ago that we stuffed every piece of content possible above the fold of a website, but this practice has fizzled into the annals of history. Now, we crave beauty. We crave elegance. Big, beautiful images and videos are a powerful way to make your landing page stand out. Web design trends are not just about adding, but about taking away too. Another trend we saw this year are full-screen images that fill the hero area (the large area under the top navigation bar). Aside from looking great, this technique is effective for getting visitors to scroll down the page. Once a visitor begins to scroll, chances are they will continue down the page to soak up more of your wonderful content.

Divide, Scroll And Conquer | Top Website Designs

The verdict is in: web users hate all those monstrous websites with pages and pages to navigate in order to find the content they are looking for. This year, web designers are answering the call with techniques that allow for endless scrolling. What used to be five or six webpages is now one long page of content goodness. It’s more intuitive, easier to do, cuts down on load times, and allows for more dynamic interaction to take place between the visitor and the content.

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Top Website Designs | Things Every Website In 2014 Should ...

Ghost Buttons | Top Website Designs

Often dubbed as “hollow” or “ghosted,” these buttons are characterized by see-through backgrounds, and solid borders around them. Purely stylistic, this trend is seen with increasing frequency. They’re minimal, stylish, and with the subtle hover animation they’re a delight to use. Look for this trend to continue into 2015; especially considering how well they go with the large background images and videos. Although hollow buttons make no significant change to the usability of your website, this button style has the unique ability to blend with the background of your webpage without being as distracting as a standard button, or as subtle as a simple text link.

Top Website Designs | Website Design –

Flat Design Is Growing Up | Top Website Designs

Because users are getting a little tech-weary these days, simplicity is a buzz word for fall. It was big in 2013, and it’s even bigger now. As designers work more with flat design, we’ve seen a couple of other related trends. For example, minimalist icons work well with flat design (and with mobile first design). The web is full of minimalist icon sets, and minimalist mobile designs. This movement toward flat design for fall aligns with the minimalist over the real-world representation. The idea is to achieve extreme flatness that strips unnecessary design elements in favor of utility and accessibility.

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