Unforgettable Business Cards | The Art Of Visual Marketing: What Your Business Card Reveals About You

Unforgettable Business Cards | The Art Of Visual Marketing...

Unforgettable Business Cards | In today’s digital age, business cards actually matter more than ever. These cards are a physical proof that your business exists, and a vital contact reminder essential for small business growth. Regardless how many cards you hand out or how well you do it, all your potential and existing clients probably get more than one business card every day. If you want your card to work for you, it has to be well designed, appropriate and effective; it has to stand out from the pile without affecting your credibility.

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Designing business cards for your business is a vitally important part of your marketing strategy, even in today’s digital age. The humble business card can boast some powerful results in promoting your business, if you design it with care. Approaching it from a strategic and thoughtful standpoint will help you to maximize the impact you make on potential clients. Making that happen on a document that is only 3½ inches wide and 2 inches deep is a tall order. But it’s not impossible. Here are several suggestions to keep in mind before you design or redesign your business card.

Who, What, Where, Why? | Unforgettable Business Cards

It may sound obvious, but the first, and most important thing to think about when creating your business card is the information you want to include. Think carefully about the most important contact details – you need to achieve a balance between providing enough points of contact, without making your card look cluttered. There is very limited space on a business card, so by limiting the amount of textual information, the overall design will be simpler and easier to read. Start by considering the vital information you want to include, which will usually be your name, phone number and email address, then work your design around presenting this information in a creative way.

Unforgettable Business Cards | The Art Of Visual Marketing...

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Stick To The Standard Size | Unforgettable Business Cards

The average business card size is 3.5” x 2” — meaning wallets and business card holders are made to accommodate this size. If your business card doesn’t fit into these items, it may get tossed in the trash — making you lose out on potential business. A round card, for example, will definitely stand out, but it won’t fit in standard business card holders. You must be willing to sacrifice convenience for memorability if you go with an unconventional shape or size.

Make It Readable | Unforgettable Business Cards

Make sure that all the information on your card is printed in a large enough font in order to maintain readability. As a general rule of thumb, don’t go smaller than 8pt. Also, don’t forget about the font itself: keep it elegant and simple – don’t be tempted to use Comic Sans, or a complex calligraphic font which is impossible to read. Be sure the font color stands out against the background of the card as well. Light gray text on a white card makes it hard to distinguish letters and numbers.

Convey Your Brand | Unforgettable Business Cards

Your business card is an essential part of your brand or business identity strategy. It should follow the same graphics standards as the rest of your digital and printed marketing material (stationary, brochures, letterheads, etc.). A business card can build your brand by introducing brand elements such as logo, colors and fonts. This helps to reinforce your brand, helping potential clients remember you and your business better.

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Unforgettable Business Cards | The Art Of Visual Marketing...

Don’t Use Borders | Unforgettable Business Cards

Avoid using borders in your card design. This is for a completely practical reason – no matter how much attention is paid, printing is never 100% precise. The borders may look good on a computer screen, but when the cards are printed and cut, you will most likely have some ‘lop-sided’ edges. Along with the bleed, printers also specify a “safe area” in the center of the card. Keep all vital information like contact details within this area in order to prevent it from being cut off during the printing process.

Unforgettable Business Cards | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Have Your Business Cards Printed On Good Stock | Unforgettable Business Cards

Consider the thickness of your business card. Thicker cards tend to feel more luxurious – making your business seem more professional and established. If the card feels flimsy or looks like you printed it yourself on an office printer, it will leave people with impression that they are dealing with a business that will disappear as soon as the owner finds a real job. Try thinking of your card as you would a handshake – nobody likes a limp handshake, so why would they like a limp business card?

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