Unique Branding Tips | Make Your Business Iconic! 7 Big Company Branding Strategies For Every Business

Unique Branding Tips | Make Your Business Iconic! 7 Big ...

Unique Branding Tips | We all recognize the Nike swoosh, the three stripes of Adidas and the Apple logo. However, your brand is not just a logo and a company name – it’s more about perception; the brand is the eluding asset that exists in the minds of your clients. Another thing to keep in mind when running a business is that branding isn’t only for large international businesses. In fact, it’s just as crucial to brand your small business. While you might do it slightly different than the big guys, the end-result is still the same.

Unique Branding Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

An effective brand explains what your business does, how it does it, and at the same time, builds trust and credibility. Your brand lives in everyday interactions with your clients, the images you share, blog posts you publish on your website, the content of your marketing materials, and in your posts on social media. Here are some unique branding tips for building a powerful brand that positions your small business clearly and effectively in your industry, and helps attract repeat business and referrals.

What Is Your Brand? | Unique Branding Tips

First, it’s crucial to understand that your brand is much more than your logo, merchandising or products. Standing out means being different. If your brand is going to be memorable, you have to be able to define what it is that makes what you do unique. What makes you stand out from others in your market? Your brand is reflected in the way you and your staff talk and behave, the way your product is packaged, the way your website and other marketing materials are designed and presented, and the services you offer. Your brand is made up of many things – tangible and intangible.

Unique Branding Tips | Make Your Business Iconic! 7 Big ...

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Get Your Name And Logo Right | Unique Branding Tips

This is vitally important to brand recognition and it’s crucial to get it right the first time, because changing your name and logo can be tricky later on. Your logo and name should be easily recognizable and convey the nature and tone of your business as well as appeal to your target audience. Consider developing a tagline as well. Write a memorable, meaningful and concise statement that portrays the essence of your brand and grabs the attention of your ideal client.

Know What Is Important To Your Customers | Unique Branding Tips

The most popular brands resonate strongly with their target audience. Understanding what appeals to your audience is the first step of any branding strategy. When you try to define your target audience, figuring out the demographics is not enough. You have to know what your audience likes, what triggers them, how they spend their free time, and even what social network they prefer. Your clients may skew toward certain demographic or socioeconomic groups, and they probably share a particular problem, interest or need. Your brand has to appeal to those people. They’re your target audience, ideal clients, the consumers you specifically aim to serve.

Create A Voice That Reflects Your Brand | Unique Branding Tips

Simple, consistent and unique messaging is what turns a common business into a memorable brand. If you want to be heard, your brand has to be speaking in a unique voice. This voice should be used in all written communication and incorporated in the visual imagery of all materials, both online and printed. Think about the brands you like – what makes them stand out? How do they communicate with you and other clients? Is your brand friendly? Be conversational. Is it ritzy? Be more formal.

Keep Your Visual Identity Professional And Consistent | Unique Branding Tips

It’s essential to define a visual language and aesthetic for your brand. This means that your website, your marketing materials, your products and all of your other brand assets should have a consistent style. Design templates, create brand standards for your marketing materials, and use the same color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout.

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Unique Branding Tips | Make Your Business Iconic! 7 Big ...

Have Great Products And Services | Unique Branding Tips

Ultimately, your loyal clients aren’t there because you have a stunning logo. Customers won’t return to you or refer you to someone else if you don’t deliver on your brand promise. They’re loyal to your great product or service. Some companies stop focusing on having great products and services when they become successful. This is a mistake. Even a strong brand will fail when it offers average or below average products or services.

Unique Branding Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Don’t Attempt To Mimic The Success Of Big Brands | Unique Branding Tips

Evaluate the competition in your industry and success brands, but don’t try to become the next somebody else. Your clients will value individuality and authenticity. With that in mind, you must be aware of your strengths and your weaknesses. Learn how to emphasize the former and how to address the latter — or, even turn those weaknesses into positives. Think about how you can differentiate yourself to build something appealing, unique and relevant.

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