Unique Photography Business Cards | The ABCs Of An Effective Photography Business Card – 5 Vital Tips For Better Results

Unique Photography Business Cards | The ABCs Of An Effective Photo...

Unique Photography Business Cards | No matter what you might have heard, business cards are not a relic of a long-gone era – in fact, many will argue that they’re more powerful than ever. The proof that the business card is still alive and kicking is the staggering number of business cards being printed on a daily basis – 27,397,260. Instead of replacing them, modern tools such as smartphones and the Interwebs can actually boost their effectiveness. So, how come 88% of all business cards handed out end up thrown out in less than a week?

Unique Photography Business Cards | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

It’s important to keep in mind that not all business cards are created equal in this day and age! We live in a time when you can order a stack of cards cheaper than a cup of coffee. However, if you decide to cut corners and purchase a cheap template and order the cheapest set of business cards, what will that say about the quality of the services and products you’re offering? While it’s true that we don’t use the business card functionally the same way we used to, they still serve as ambassadors for you and your business, and it can even be an extension of your professional identity and act as your first impression. So, what can you do to get that critical impression just right? Read on to find out!

Show Your Creativity | Unique Photography Business Cards

Business cards are often overlooked, yet powerful marketing material that not only provides your potential clients with the important contact information, but can be used to showcase your creativity. You’re a part of a creative industry, don’t miss an opportunity to show it, even if it’s just a piece of paper that measures 3.5” by 2”. The way you organize the information on your card, the fonts you choose, and even the overall layout can say a lot more about your business than you think. While the layout is traditionally horizontal, consider using vertical layout for your cards to make them stand out. Keep in mind that vertical business cards limit the amount of textual information even further, so you’ll need to make sure the information is readable if you choose to go with the vertical layout.

Unique Photography Business Cards | The ABCs Of An Effective Photo...

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Contact Details Are The Backbone Of Your Card | Unique Photography Business Cards

Whenever we’re about to design a business card for a client, we make sure they provide us with the information they want featured on their business card. This allows us to create a design around the information, and make sure the information doesn’t get overshadowed by the design. Remember, your business card is a communication tool and in order to make sure it provides your potential clients with all the details they need at almost a single glance, you’ll want to get rid of the unnecessary design elements and keep the overall design simple, unless you want your potential clients to sit there trying to decipher your details.

So, what’s most important? While the content of each business card will vary slightly from one photographer to another, there are certain elements that you will need to include in order to ensure effectiveness. Your name should definitely be there, as well as the name of your photography business if you’re not using your own name. You will also need to include the phone number you’re available most of the time, as well as the email address you check out the most frequently. You might also want to consider social media links ans well your website, but don’t push it: it’s better to have a simple design that features your details than to have a business card whose design only can overwhelm the business owner.

Readability Is Absolutely Paramount | Unique Photography Business Cards

In addition to keeping the overall design of your business card, you’ll need to set up a business card that’s super easy to read. For example, keep you font choice down to a bare minimum. Remember, using too many fonts might end up overwhelming your potential clients, as the human eye finds it difficult to scan too many fonts at the same time. Another crucial element affecting the effectiveness of your business card is the font size. Whenever we design a business card for a client, we advise them to go with fonts larger than 8 pts to ensure readability. While smaller fonts might look readable on a computer screen, they’re likely to turn into illegible smudge when actually printed, rendering your card practically useless.

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Unique Photography Business Cards | The ABCs Of An Effective Photo...

Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Cards | Unique Photography Business Cards

With the introduction of smartphones and other technological advancements, many business owners no longer carry around business cards. However, business cards are far from being dead; they’ve just evolved. From QR codes that point to your website, Facebook page or other contact point when scanned, to augmented reality showcase examples of your work on a smartphone screen, there are plenty of creative elements you can include in your card to boost its effectiveness and add value to it.

Unique Photography Business Cards | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

If a QR code isn’t your thing, you can also consider a near field communication, or NFC, chip. They can do pretty much a QR code can, but you can implement it into your card and all you have to do is tap a NFC-enabled phone or a reader against the chip to activate it. When everything fails, consider including a referral code or a coupon on the back of your cards to entice your existing clients to spread the word about your business and refer you their friends and family.

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