Viral Photography Marketing | Why isn’t your content going viral?

Viral Photography Marketing | Why isn't your content going...

Viral Photography Marketing | The best social marketing makes other people find you. Almost everyone who’s internet-savvy has heard about “going viral”. Going viral refers to the fact that your content resonates so effectively that it catches on fire, and ends up being the latest big thing across the internet. If you are lucky enough to have a popular web page, it is fairly simple to make something that a lot of people see. You just put it on your front page. It is slightly more difficult (but still not very difficult) to make something that people will click on.

Viral Photography Marketing | Website Design –

To make your content go viral, you must make full use of the right social networks. Why? Because social media websites have become one of the best ways to drive traffic on the internet in the age where the power of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can put you on the top of the social media landscape.

Think About Your Audience | Viral Photography Marketing

When developing content, you should consider the people who are likely to share it, as well as the audience with which they are sharing it. To find your audiences interest, you must always be interacting with them. You may not have the strongest returns with every interaction, but you will be able to increase your reach and develop a presence.

Create a Killer Headline | Viral Photography Marketing

This content must have an interesting hook that grabs people’s attention and keeps them interested. It acts as the “bait”. Boring headlines often struggle to make people click, let alone share. Just think about the type of content you open yourself, and the interesting headlines that initially draw you to it. Don’t use the words “viral content”. This may seem fairly obvious, but a lot of people break this rule. The phrase may cue negative emotions in the audience, making them less likely to share your content.

Viral Photography Marketing | Why isn't your content going...

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Insanely Useful | Viral Photography Marketing

If it doesn’t provide some use or incredible benefit then it probably won’t be interesting enough. Address a real-world problem which many people face in all walks of life. While it may seem more appealing to post controversial posts that ruffle people’s feathers, its better to create content that anyone can enjoy. Readers need to be spoon-fed with simple and easy-to-follow steps. When you show them what to do, you’ll find they’ll start sharing your helpful and practical content with their friends, family, and business associates.

Create “Shareable” Content | Viral Photography Marketing

Using the right set of platforms is crucial since you want as many people as possible to view your content. Therefore, you need to assess appropriate distribution channels for the type of content you’ve created and determine where you’re likely to benefit most. Social media has brought a revolution and the virtual world has opened up new areas for marketers to reach. Take advantage of these new social landscapes and reap the rewards. Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube allow users the chance to cash in on their content.

Make the content extremely easy to share by removing every possible step or obstacle for people. To begin with, you cannot restrict access to any consumer. For instance, if you have a paywall on your blog, anyone who doesn’t subscribe to your website cannot view or share your content. Use buttons with memorable icons and avoid sharing options that use a pop-up window. Be vigilant and opportunistic when managing your presence online. If a user interacts with your content, talk to them to show that you appreciate their support. Connecting with your audience on a personal level will show users that you care.

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Viral Photography Marketing | Why isn't your content going...

Creating the content is only the first step. Then you need to promote it! Dedicate the same amount of time to your distribution strategy as you do to your content. There’s very little point spending hours carefully crafting the perfect content if you sideline distribution.

Viral Photography Marketing | Website Design –

Content that’s buried and difficult to access won’t go viral for the simple fact that nobody can find it. To ensure content ranks high on search engines, it is essential to use appropriate keywords. Appropriate is the keyword here. Keywords are the phrases or words people type into Google or YouTube to find videos on a particular subject. Include the keyword in the title, tags and description of the video. it is important to remember that overcrowding content with too many keywords is never a good idea. Search engines have gotten more sophisticated, and will avoid such pages.

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