Visual Brand Identity | Photographer’s Guide To Building An Epic Visual Brand Identity That Goes Beyond Pretty Albums

Visual Brand Identity | Photographer's Guide to Building An Epic ...

Visual Brand Identity | Branding is vitally important for every business, big or small. It will help you stand out even in the busiest markets and grow your business without using any gimmicks or cheap tricks. What many business owners fail to understand, though, is that a brand is much more than a simple logo and a witty slogan. Sure, your logo is the face of your business and the backbone of your brand, but there’s so much more that goes into building a strong and memorable brand.

Visual Brand Identity | Website Design –

Your brand is the way your potential and existing clients perceive you and your photography business, and it’s based on the pictures you take, the marketing materials you create, the tweets and status updates you share on social media, the way you dress and answer the phone, and only naturally, it also trickles down into your sales tools such as stationery items, printed marketing collateral, albums, even pens, USB drives and mouse pads. To help you build a winning visual brand identity for your photography business, we gathered some of our favorite tips!

Is Visual Identity Really THAT Important? | Visual Brand Identity

Many photographers wonder if they should even bother with creating a visual identity for their business. Shouldn’t you let your work speak for itself? While your work can say a lot on its own, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your entire brand to a whole new level by building a unique visual brand identity that will help your potential and existing clients remember you a lot easier. Why not take advantage of the full potential of all the materials you use on a daily basis. It’s easier than you think!

Visual Brand Identity | Photographer's Guide to Building An Epic ...

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The main goal of building a visual brand identity is a consistent and cohesive representation of your business. Whether you’re handing out brochures, designing albums for your clients after a session, mailing a thank you card, or redesigning your website, or all of the above, you’ll want all of your items to look and feel like they came from the same source. This will help your potential clients remember your business, boost brand awareness and portray you as a reliable expert.

Colors Can Be Your Greatest Tool | Visual Brand Identity

There are many brands that are using a single color to represent their businesses. Think Coca-Cola and Virgin – both companies using the color red to create impressions of powerful and passionate brands. Think about the traits you want linked with your photography business and find an appropriate color scheme you’ll use throughout your materials to make them consistent. However, keep in mind that every color has a different meaning, so make sure you don’t communicate the wrong message just because of the poor color choice.

For example, blue represents trust and integrity, while orange suggests high energy. Yellow, on the other hand, represents happy and fun experience, whereas black can exude luxury and exclusivity. However, don’t go overboard when choosing company colors – use 2-3 colors for all of your printed materials, as well as your online presence.

Don’t Underestimate White Space Either | Visual Brand Identity

While colors can evoke emotions, communicate a message, and help your marketing and stationery items stand out even from the largest pile, don’t underestimate the power of white space in design. When used right, white space can give structure to your items, and it helps emphasize the important areas and information. Don’t overwhelm your potential clients with cluttered design or long paragraphs of text – instead, include plenty of white space and your items will be much more likely to achieve their intended goals.

Use The Right Font | Visual Brand Identity

Using the right font for your photography business is more important than you think. No matter how appealing the font is, if it’s difficult to read, it won’t do you much good. Remember, you’re trying to communicate a message, so make it as easy as possible for your target audience to actually understand you. Don’t make it difficult for your potential clients by forcing them to sit there and try to decipher your message. Just like with the colors, you’ll want to choose 2-3 easy to read fonts that you’ll use consistently throughout your materials.

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Visual Brand Identity | Photographer's Guide to Building An Epic ...

Define Other Brand Elements | Visual Brand Identity

Once you have a logo professionally designed for your business, and fonts and colors defined, add other specific elements for your identity, including trademarks, image styles and even brand oriented words. These elements need to be consistent in all communications, both online and offline. By using the same variations of your logo, colors and sticking to a specific style of photography, each of your stationery and marketing collateral items will be working for you and helping you turn your brand into a memorable visual experience.

Visual Brand Identity | Website Design –

Keep It Simple | Visual Brand Identity

One of the most important design tips you’ll ever get is that less is more. Think about each stationery and marketing collateral item you’re designing and keep its intended purpose in mind throughout the design process. If you’re working on a letterhead, for example, the content of the letter or the email will be the most important element, which is why it’s crucial that the design doesn’t overshadow the message. At the end of the day, it’s still just a delivery mechanism for your message, not the message itself!

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