Web Design Basics | Make Sure Your Website Won’t Need A Do-Over! Tips For Getting Your Design Right

Web Design Basics | Make Sure Your Website Won't Need A...

Web Design Basics | In today’s world, having a website is vitally important. For a small business owner, it’s not only mandatory to have a website, but to have a website that connects with and appeals to your target audience. Of all of the tools in the small business owner’s arsenal, your website is one of the most effective. A well-designed website can be the crucial difference that makes a visitor decide to stay, browse and buy instead of moving on to a competitor’s website.

Web Design Basics | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

For any business, the homepage is its digital front door. If a new visitor doesn’t like what they see, their first reaction will be to click the back button. That’s right, many people still judge a book by its cover. By following these easy website design guidelines and creating a website that will appeal to your potential clients, you will boost the amount of traffic your website gets and the number of visitors who convert to paying clients. These six tips will help you get started designing a website your business deserves.

Every Pixel Has A Purpose | Web Design Basics

Even at your local grocery store every single inch of shelf space has an return of investment attached to it. In the same way, every single website pixel should be seen as shelf space to reinforce your goal. When a visitor lands on your homepage, it has to compel them to stick around. The homepage is the best place to drive the point home with your unique selling point to keep your potential clients interested enough to choose to stay on your website, so don’t waste any precious space. Your goal is to convert casual visitors to supporters and ultimately paying clients. The idea here is ensure every single pixel on the screen is used to its full potential.

Web Design Basics | Make Sure Your Website Won't Need A...

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Design Must Appeal To Your Audience | Web Design Basics

Your audience is at the center of everything you do online. The design and content flow must cater to THEIR needs while being closely tied to YOUR business goals. This is why your website should be narrowly focused, speaking to the right people in their language. The best homepages avoid corporate gibberish and jargon, and eliminate the fluff. It’s a subtle balance and not always easy to accomplish, but this is the difference between websites that are good and websites that are great. Great websites consider their target audience before even a single line of code is written.

Maintain And Improve Upon Your Brand Identity | Web Design Basics

Every time a business goes through a redesign effort, careful attention must be paid to how your brand will be perceived with your new design. Consider elements that convey your brand in the first place and make sure they are being refined to fit your website, rather than redone. Make sure you use this same logo on the rest of your marketing materials, as well as on invoices and other business communications to build a consistent and familiar brand. A strong brand identity is important because you want your website to look as professional as possible and creates sense of confidence in potential clients.

Your Pages Need Great Navigation | Web Design Basics

If your visitors can’t get around your website, they won’t stick around for long. You should have navigation on your website that is clear, direct, and simple to use. Do you have a dozen of links under one heading on your navigation bar? If so, you might want to try tidying up. A simple navigation makes things easier to find. So instead of putting links to less important pages that draw the attention away from your call to action or primary information at the top of your home or landing pages, put less important links or pieces of information at the bottom of a page in the footer.

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Web Design Basics | Make Sure Your Website Won't Need A...

White Space Is Not Just For Minimalists Or Art Projects | Web Design Basics

The space between every element or section on your website gives your visual design enough room to breathe. It divides ideas and helps draw attention to the most crucial elements. You should be aware of the white space on your pages and how it affects how the content is organized. With a lot of visual competition taking place on the Web and on mobile, less is more. Controlling white space will improve user experience, increasing returns from the website.

Web Design Basics | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Contact Information Can Make Or Break Your Website | Web Design Basics

Make sure you provide relevant contact information – including phone number, email and physical address – on your home page, or as a header on every page. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for someone to contact you if they have a query, run into a problem or would like more information on your products or services. Another benefit of including contact information on your website is helping your visitors trust you. If there is an email address or phone number, they know they can contact you if there’s a problem.

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