Web Design Fundamentals | Dress To Impress: 5 Legit Ways To Design A Website That Wows Your Visitors

Web Design Fundamentals | Dress To Impress: 5 Legit Ways

Web Design Fundamentals | In today’s digital world, having an online presence is vitally important if you want to turn your small business into a success story. For many businesses, it can even be the only source of business. If done right, it can be a huge part of your marketing strategy as well. Research shows that the first place the vast majority of people turn to for information on local businesses is the Internet. That means your existing and potential clients are looking for you online. In other words, a well-designed website is no longer optional.

Web Design Fundamentals | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Getting your website up and running, or doing a major overhaul, often involves a lot more work than you think, particularly if you want it to bring in new clients. Although great design and the right colors are essential, it takes a little more finesse to really grab the potential client’s attention. Whether you already have a website set up and are trying to make it more effective, or you’re considering taking your small business online for the first time, following some of these powerful design tips can help you get on the right track.

Brand Identity Will Make You Stand Out | Web Design Fundamentals

A strong brand identity is absolutely crucial, because you want your website to look as professional as possible and instill trust in potential clients. Reinforce your brand by using colors that go well with your logo; choose one or two fonts and use them consistently throughout your website; make sure graphics or images complement each other and look professional. Your website doesn’t only need to promote your products or service, it should also remain consistent with your other branded materials.

Web Design Fundamentals | Dress To Impress: 5 Legit Ways

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Simple Navigation Leads To Higher Conversion | Web Design Fundamentals

Case study after case study show that making a website easier to navigate boosts its effectiveness. If potential clients can’t find your products, how are they supposed to buy them? Being able to navigate a website very quickly will encourage visitors to stay on your website longer. Nowadays, people are used to being able to search for what they are looking for and get meaningful results at the click of a button. Adding a search function to your website will help prevent your visitors from abandoning your website if they don’t immediately see what they are looking for.

Contact Information Should Be Easy To Find | Web Design Fundamentals

Have you ever been to a website and had a hard time finding the contact information? This is one of the easiest way to quickly turn off your visitors. Display your phone number prominently at the top and bottom of every page. Include your email address and possibly your physical address in the footer of every page. You should also consider creating a “Contact” page that includes all the above information, plus a map, directions, hours of operation and possibly a form visitors can fill out for more information.

Provide Clear Calls To Action | Web Design Fundamentals

A call to action refers to the buttons or links on your website that invite visitors to do something. Clear calls to action get visitors to take the next step and go from just browsing your website to contacting your business, or even making a purchase. Make sure your calls to action stand out from the other content on your website by using contrasting colors and lots of white space. Above the fold – the visible part of the page when the page first loads – is usually the best place for a call to action, but if you have longer pages, you can also place another call to action at the bottom of the page.

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Web Design Fundamentals | Dress To Impress: 5 Legit Ways

Use The Right Imagery | Web Design Fundamentals

If you are selling something, then professional photography is absolutely crucial. Even a multi-million dollar resort will not look good if the imagery is amateurish. You also have to make sure you’re visually representing your business or the people you want to do business with on the website. For example, if your target audience is young and edgy, the models should be full of vitality, but you’re offering a confidential service, the models should look approachable and reliable.

Web Design Fundamentals | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

It takes thoughtful planning to set up a successful, engaging website, so take time with the design, navigation and content, and include calls to action to motivate the visitor to engage. With smart writing, great imagery, and a well-planned navigation, your website can will be much more likely to engage visitors, driving new business opportunities and delivering amazing customer service.

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