Web Design Guidelines | Top 5 Tips to a Great Web Page

Web Design Guidelines | Top 5 Tips to a Great Web Page...

Web Design Guidelines | In the modern business world, having a website is essential for business for a variety of reasons. Anyone running an authentic business today will obviously consider whether to create a professional website. As more people become acquainted using the internet, the tendency is to search for everything on the web. How many times do you think a potential consumer has tried to find your business on the Internet but were not capable to locate you? Consumers can become educated about your business through your website and get answers to many of their inquiries which will help to cut back on the number of phone calls you receive with simple inquiries. Today consumers find businesses by hitting the net. Sometimes weeks before their buying, they’re surfing the web to find exactly what they want. It doesn’t matter if you sell homes or accounting; there are consumers dynamically looking for someone in your field. The question is: are they going to find you or your competition?

Web Design Guidelines | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Color Choice | Web Design Guidelines

Since web design needs to have an influence over people’s actions, more and more designers have been looking to the psychology of color to assist them in creating a successful websites. We’re constantly encountering colors and creating specific relations and impressions based on the different colors we observe. Notice that when you think of an object, one of the first things you would say to illustrate it is the color. Before selecting the background color of your website, spend some time and think what color your end-users would favor.

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Web Design Guidelines | Top 5 Tips to a Great Web Page...

When choosing a color scheme for a website, it is imperative to do it right, guided by the main philosophies of the color theory and of course, follow professional advices. Color is best used when integrated throughout the business, making appearances in the logo, landing pages, websites, products and more to guarantee maximum continuity.

Ensure Your Website is Easy to Use | Web Design Guidelines

Visitors should have a general clue of what they should find on a page even before clicking any directional link. Think through your web pages’ structure so that it all makes sense in a logical movement. That way, when clients visit your website, they will have an easier time navigating to the information on your website that is most relevant to them. Websites that are easy to comprehend and that are easy to use present a real pleasure. You can find what you need, and can do what you went there to do in the first place. This translates, for the website owner or business, into sales, payments, and everything else the website is intended to achieve.

Responsive Design | Web Design Guidelines

Google prefers responsive web design since content that lives on one website and one URL is much easier for users to share, interact with, and link to than content that lives on a separate mobile website. Going responsive will also have a major influence on conversion rates from mobile users. Obviously, if a website does not work on mobile or tablet devices, users will be unable to exchange. The more work a consumer has to do to complete a conversion; the less likely they are to convert. Internet traffic originating from mobile devices is increasing exponentially each day. As more and more people get used to browsing the web through their smartphones and tablets, it is impulsive for any website publisher to pay no attention to responsive web design.

Navigation | Web Design Guidelines

Strong website navigation makes it easy for potential customers to quickly find the information that interests them, without a potentially indecisive long pursuit. It also helps search engines index your essential information efficiently. Navigation is a lot easier when menu bar is displayed on the same spot on each page. One solid system helps visitors to follow their whereabouts and how to move across the page. This also avoids dead end pages where no hyperlinks are linked to other web pages.

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Web Design Guidelines | Top 5 Tips to a Great Web Page...

Web Design Guidelines | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

White Space | Web Design Guidelines

You might not know this, but your attention to the content will be influenced by the lack of content in the white space zones. Being generous with your whitespace will speak volumes about your brand. By using large amounts of it, you’re saying that your content is far more vital than the screen real estate that it rests on. Even though we call it white space, it doesn’t mean the actual space has to be white. The blank space may be filled with any color as long as it is free of any features like text or imageries.

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