Web Design Principles | Build Your Website: The Ultimate Blueprint For Creating A Website That Sells

Web Design Principles | Build Your Website: The Ultimate ...

Web Design Principles | In today’s competitive world of business, online presence is no longer optional if you want to be able to build a successful brand, attract new clients and keep those you already have coming back for more. In the last few years, more business owners have become aware of the importance of having an effective website. Unfortunately, only a few are incorporating best practices into their web design. When you’re shopping around for a small business website, do you know what to look for and what to avoid? Do you know which design elements will make your website more appealing to your target audience and which elements will turn visitors away?

Web Design Principles | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

A well organized and professionally designed website can make all the difference for your business. Although great design and colors are vitally important, it takes a little more finesse to really grab the potential client’s attention. The main goal of a well-planned web design strategy is to build a unique and memorable user experience. It must be an experience that’s unparalleled, and that will make the visitors return to your website time and time again. Sharing your website is basically like showing up to a first date. That is to say: first impressions matter. Here’s how to shine.

Keep The Design Simple, Fresh, And Unique | Web Design Principles

Your website is the first impression a visitor will get of your business. If you use a generic off-the-shelf template and your website looks like thousands of other websites on the Internet, you’ll miss an opportunity to leave a unique impression. Studies have shown that a webpage has merely three seconds to make an impression that will hold the visitor’s attention. If that’s not achieved, that person clicks away and may never return again. Make sure your website stands out from the crowd, and use the same logo on the rest of your marketing materials, as well as on invoices and other business communications to create a consistent and familiar brand.

Web Design Principles | Build Your Website: The Ultimate ...

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Showcase Your Value Statement | Web Design Principles

One of the first elements of your website that visitors should see is your unique selling point. Why is your business better than its competitors? Lower prices? Higher quality? Are you offering unbeatable discounts? If you’re selling products and your clients will purchase them online, you have to make sure that the product pictures – or graphical images and descriptions – are clean, high-quality and appropriate. You can have a stunning website design, but if your product images look terrible, your potential clients will think twice about making a purchase.

Write Compelling Call To Action Buttons | Web Design Principles

Website visitors won’t work too hard to figure out how they can give you their business, and they shouldn’t have to, either. Good calls to action enable your visitors to quickly decide what they want to do next. Include compelling call to action buttons and make sure they stan out against the background of your website, so visitors can see them instantly, take the next step and convert to leads. Having a big sale? Don’t just write a banner that says “50% off all products.” Write one that says “50% off all products, CLICK HERE to find out more!”

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Web Design Principles | Build Your Website: The Ultimate ...

Simple Navigation Leads To Higher Conversion | Web Design Principles

Being able to navigate a website very quickly and with a clear call to action will make your visitors stick around longer. The more steps you put, the lower your conversion and higher your bounce rate will be. If your visitors can’t find your products, how are they supposed to purchase them? Creating a website that is easy to navigate will encourage visitors to stay on your website longer and boost your conversion rates. These days, people are used to being able to search for what they want and get meaningful results at the click of a button. Adding a search function to your website will help prevent your potential clients from looking elsewhere if they don’t instantly see what they are looking for on your homepage.

Web Design Principles | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Readability Is Vital | Web Design Principles

It has been proven time and time again – people don’t like websites that are too cluttered, or require straining your eyes just to read the content. Much like a well-organized shop, a clean and clear website design allows clients to relax and enables them to locate what they are looking for. Make sure your choice of fonts and font size are focused on readability rather than just design. Remember that people with different levels of vision could be viewing your page and try to be as inclusive as possible.

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