Web Design Trends 2014 | Simple Web Design Tweaks That Will Send Conversions Through the Roof

Web Design Trends 2014 | Simple Web Design Tweaks That ...

Web Design Trends 2014 | Getting thousands of visitors to your website is great; however, in the end, it is all about generating conversions. Some weeks nobody comments on your blog posts, or even calls your business at all! What’s the point of spending your hard-earned marketing dollars to send a lot of traffic to your website, if no one buys, or signs up for anything? When you think of your business’ website, would you be more likely to say “it’s sort of just a virtual business card” or “it’s my most effective business tool!” There’s only one acceptable answer to that question, because your website should be your most powerful business tool.

Web Design Trends 2014 | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

With so much focus on driving traffic to your website, you have to make sure your design not only presents your brand in a positive light, but is also effectively attracting and converting targeted audience into paying clients. If you don’t feel like your website is breaking its back to boost your business, we’re going to share tips that will have your website hustling for you in no time.

Don’t Make It About You | Web Design Trends 2014

The fine art of marketing is selling your products, or services without making it seem like you’re doing so… by telling clients about yourself by making them think it’s about them. Clients have to see themselves in your story, be able to relate to it, and identify with you, or they will never believe or trust you. Every time you write a single sentence for your website, ask yourself, “How does this benefit my potential client?” Take a look at all of your marketing materials. How much of your content, especially the first part, is focused all on you, and not your potential clients? If you’re like most businesses, you’ll be shocked.

Web Design Trends 2014 | Simple Web Design Tweaks That ...

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Make Your Benefits Stand Out | Web Design Trends 2014

When someone has taken the time to visit your website, chances are there’s something on there that they need. Let the client know the benefits that your product, or service offers that others do not. It’s crucial to make this stand out on your homepage, as well as on some of your website’s other pages. Another common mistake a lot of businesses make when they’re marketing themselves is that they try to promote way too many options. Once you reduce your offerings down to your few core products, or services, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your sales.

Watch Your Language | Web Design Trends 2014

No, we don’t mean curse words! The words and phrases you use on your website will either help you boost your sales, or push your potential clients away. Nothing says “bad website,” or even “bad company” like bad spelling and grammar. Read, edit, and proofread your website content to make sure it is strong and clean. Good content will build trust. Good content will make people want to read more. Good content will encourage them to act.

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Web Design Trends 2014 | Simple Web Design Tweaks That ...

Make Sure It’s Mobile Friendly | Web Design Trends 2014

As of late 2013, it is estimated that over one third of all internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. And, to put it simply, no business is doing so well that they can afford to ignore a third of the market. If your website isn’t responsive, it’s not going to look good on a mobile device. And if your website doesn’t look good, or work well on a smartphone, or a tablet, mobile users are going to bounce off. It’s that simple! People on a phone are generally on the go, in a rush, or out and about. As a result, you want to give them the information you want them to see IMMEDIATELY. The more browsing they have to do to get to what you want them to see, the more likely they are to bounce off the page.

Web Design Trends 2014 | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Ensure Fast Load Times | Web Design Trends 2014

Nothing will make a user leave your website quicker than a slow website load time. Your page load times have a dramatic effect on your website conversions–even the difference of a second or two can make or break your conversion rate. Faster websites lead to happy visitors. A fast website not only seems professional, it also reduces the possibility that visitors will bail out of frustration. You can’t sell anything if people don’t stick around long enough to find it.

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