Web Page Redesign | ‘Tis The Season For Something Different: The Ultimate Workbook For Redesigning Your Website

Web Page Redesign | ‘Tis The Season For Something Differ...

Web Page Redesign | In today’s business industry, if you’re running a business without a brick and mortar store, your online presence will make the very first impression of your business. This means that redesigning a website is no small thing. Whether your website has been ignored for years, or it’s time for some new features, a web page redesign could be a really exciting time for your business. However, there are several things to consider when redesigning that are far more vital than simple aesthetics.

Web Page Redesign | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Thinking or planning to redesign your website, and make it more user friendly? Designing a website that appeals to every visitor, while establishing your brand name is nothing to take lightly. However, website redesigns can be tricky to plan, and do. There are several obstacles involved in redesigning a website that might not usually exist if you were to start with a blank canvas. The difference between a successful website and a terrible failure is preparation. And what better way to get ready that to have a checklist? The following list of tips will help you turn your website into a marketing machine for long-term success.

More Visitors And Leads | Web Page Redesign

Is your website underperforming right now? Do you need to boost the number of leads you get? Is your conversion rate lower than you’d like it to be? The reason you are redesigning your website is to improve your business, not because you are bored with the design, or because you want it to be blue, and not red. So, focus on the results you want. More visitors, leads, and larger client base. Your website could look outdated, or could use a fresh design. However, aesthetics are not the end-all, be-all of a website redesign. A new look may have some effect, but it will not be the only factor affecting the success or failure of your online marketing efforts.

Web Page Redesign | ‘Tis The Season For Something Differ...

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Content Is Vital | Web Page Redesign

If you have more content, on average you will have more website visitors, so you can grow your business faster. A 100 page website will beat a 10 page website 99% of the time. It is important you build a strategy to continue to add more and more content to your website over time. Hint: Blogging makes creating content easy. A website redesign is also a good time to revisit your existing content. Do the messages speak clearly about your company, and product offerings?

Make It Mobile-Friendly | Web Page Redesign

Making your website mobile-ready means more visits, and more business, and switching to responsive design is considered a necessary move today. If someone hears about, or locates your business on the go via a mobile device, they’ll be able to visit your website in the format it was meant to be shown. Responsive websites are “screen agnostic,” meaning no matter the size of the screen being used, your website will adjust to that screen size.

Pay Attention To Load Time | Web Page Redesign

A business website is a business tool, so it should always deliver the best results. Leave the works of art to the galleries and museums. Your career and your business will thank you for it. Appealing images are nice, but if the file is too large, the website load time will be longer. Not only does Google penalize long load times, your visitor is unlikely to hang out, and wait to see the magnificence that your web designer has created.

Include Social Media | Web Page Redesign

The work on your website doesn’t end at launch. You should have a plan how to promote your website, and update the content so the awesome website you just spent months planning doesn’t fall flat. The false belief that social media is something to avoid can hurt your business growth. Taking advantage of social networks like Facebook can make your business even more interactive and customer-friendly.

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Web Page Redesign | ‘Tis The Season For Something Differ...

Keep Calls To Action Simple | Web Page Redesign

You are still not done. High traffic to your website does not necessarily translate into more money in your cash register. You must build clear calls to action that tell your potential clients what the next steps should be. Nothing says you’re begging for business like poorly-designed calls to action. If somebody wants your services or products, they’ll find you, and learn about what you have to offer, and eventually decide for themselves whether or not you’re worth investing in.

Web Page Redesign | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Above all, keep in mind that every piece of your marketing campaign including your website should reflect appropriate branding messages. Whether your brand is identifiable by color, font, graphic identity, cutting humor, be sure to be consistent across all platforms, including and especially your website.

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