Website Conversion Rates | Revealed! What The Highest Converting Websites Do Differently? 6 Secrets To Improve Website Conversion Rates

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Website Conversion Rates | For any online business, the one single metric that overrides all others in significance is conversion rate. Conversion rates mean more clients. Gone are the days when it was good enough to design an appealing website, put the brush down, and walk away. A great-looking website may accomplish the goal of shaping and delivering a strong brand, but its great looks alone aren’t enough to sell the products or services you’re offering.

Website Conversion Rates | Website Design –

By focusing on how visitors interact with, and use your website to accomplish their goals, and making it simpler, friendlier, and more intuitive, you could boost sales and conversion rate much quicker, and with less time and money spent than with almost ANY other marketing tactic! You aren’t really interested in a great looking website. You’re interested in a high-converting website, and if you aren’t careful, the same actions that make your website beautiful can also harm your revenue. Have you ever wondered which websites convert best, and what they’re doing right?

Don’t Place Call-To-Actions Below The Page Fold | Website Conversion Rates

Your first time visitors will be quick to scan, and judge your website (in as little as five seconds), and often won’t scroll very much. If your valuable call-to-actions are below the page fold (the area that visitors can see on their browser without having to scroll), this will increase the chances of your visitors not finding what they are searching for, or not seeing what you want them to see the most. Everything on your landing page is guiding the visitor to the call-to-action where they must make a decision. If the button itself is invisible, or does not offer the same value communicated throughout the page, all of that work done goes to waste.

Website Conversion Rates | Revealed! What The Highest Con...

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Never Underestimate The Impact Of Distractions | Website Conversion Rates

Yes, your promotional banner or images may look cool. But are you making sure that your visitor’s eyes are being drawn to the most critical elements of your website: your call-to-actions and contact information? Lack of white space is offensive design. By letting people’s eyes breathe (they can do that?) you build a more delightful experience which will give you a few extra precious seconds to convey your promotional message.

Make Your Website Incredibly Easy To Navigate | Website Conversion Rates

Is your website intuitive and visitor friendly? Those are the most important factors influencing conversion. The moment enter your website, they should be systematically taken through a highly intentional sales process from start to close. Your website design MUST include conversion-minded navigation. Usability features will differ with the intended utility of a website. Detailed drop down menus are not essential on a landing page, but are critical for easy navigation on an e-commerce website.

Show Off Your Product | Website Conversion Rates

Images are a powerful element of most website designs, and it’s no wonder. Modern Internet users are obsessed with visual media. Choose images that are meaningful, and that convey the right message or feeling. Don’t put graphics on your website for their own sake — if they’re not doing a job, they don’t have to be there. Good results are observed for high-quality images with high resolution (the use of clip art or a low-grade photo has the opposite effect). It is a good idea to use multiple product images for good conversion. One of them should be large (user can enlarge it if necessary), and the other may be of smaller format, but it must be clickable.

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Website Conversion Rates | Revealed! What The Highest Con...

Social Proof | Website Conversion Rates

Elements of trust are a vital part of any landing page. They back up your claims, and when done correctly, speak to your visitors from the perspective of a like-minded consumer. Social proof stems from the concept that people will follow the actions of others as an example of the right behavior. In other words, it’s the mentality that, if other people are doing it, and I trust those people, that’s validation that I should also be doing it. Testimonials are the most popular approach to achieve this.

Website Conversion Rates | Website Design –

Contrast | Website Conversion Rates

So many marketers talk about the color of call-to-action buttons. This is a mistake. A good marketer knows that button color is irrelevant. It’s contrast that counts. Buttons should be visible, but unobtrusive. If parts of your page have strong highlights through high contrast and bold typography, then those areas would likely attract more attention and so will direct the way a user scans the page.

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