Website Improvement Tips | Awesome Tips to Improve Your Website’s Usability

Website Improvement Tips | Awesome Tips to Improve Your Website's...

Website Improvement Tips | Web usability is possibly the most significant factor in any web design. This is the powerful factor that keeps your visitors coming back to your website. With the impact of the Internet in business, and the influence a web presence can have on a business’s efficiency, an unusable or confusing website can make or break your business’s success. The content and design of your website should be attractive, accurate and fresh to create trustworthiness. Many factors play a role in establishing trustworthiness, including the usage of correct grammar and spelling. Websites with content that is problematic to read and online shopping carts that are too complex to use will harmfully affect the behavior of online visitors and decimate the conversion rate of your online channel. Once a potential client clicks away and moves onto a better website (offered by your competitors) getting that person back to your website will drain your resources and to cost you more money than you will make!

Website Improvement Tips | Website Design –

Make Navigation Easy | Website Improvement Tips

Putting your navigation in standard places makes your website easier to use. That means a lower bounce rate, more pages per visit and higher conversions. Make sure your links are well prearranged according to the order of importance. Visitors should be easily able to find what they are looking for under different groups. Navigation should be clear and consistent. The essential links of your website should be on every page, in the same location, and in the same sequence. Visitors should have a general idea of what they should find on a page even before clicking any navigational link. This is true whether it’s a main navigation link or an internal text link. Use precise text to describe the linked page so visitors know what they’re going to acquire. To keep visitors on your website, make sure pages do not have conflicting calls to action or visual clutter (lots of photographs or animated gifs] that would draw the visitor’s eyes away from the most significant part of the page.

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Website Improvement Tips | Awesome Tips to Improve Your Website's...

Ensure your Website Loads Fast | Website Improvement Tips

How fast a website loads is one of the first impressions you can give your visitors and potential clients. No one likes pages that take long time to load. Your website visitor makes judgments in seconds and it won’t take him long to press the back button or type another address to access other related websites. A fast website can improve the overall browsing experience, increase sales by increasing conversion rates and also affect your search engine rankings. When it comes to website performance, images can make a big change so optimizing images should be one of your priorities when trying to improve your website speed. Users aren’t used to waiting and presume they won’t have to. They have the luxury and ease of finding equivalent products and services on another website, namely, your competition.

Simplicity in Design | Website Improvement Tips

Simple web design means no chaos, clear navigation, crisp fonts and simple logos. Simple websites don’t have unimportant information. This helps navigation in two ways: generally, sites have fewer pages and sections; and the design of the site is usually less cluttered, making it easier to find navigation elements. Simplifying your website designs can be a great solution to navigation usability difficulties. Simplicity in design is – at its most basic – the removal of all needless elements from a design. This usually consists of a clean layout, a two or three-color scheme and lots of white space. A clean layout features a few stand-out elements, but largely relies on the color scheme and white space to create the drama and interest. Simple websites are well-designed, elegant and bring other significant benefits: they load faster, they are easier to scan and easier to navigate, they are quicker to design, build, redesign, maintain and they require less server space and bandwidth.

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Website Improvement Tips | Awesome Tips to Improve Your Website's...

Website Improvement Tips | Website Design –

Readability | Website Improvement Tips

Readability refers to the way in which words and blocks of type are organized on a page and the lack of proper readability is one of the signs that indicate website usability difficulties. If your website has readability issues, then there is a high chance that your visitors will get annoyed and abandon it. Poor readability frights readers away from the content. On the other hand, done correctly, readability allows users to proficiently read and take in the information in the text. For example, text is easiest to read when the font text color and the background color are in high contrast. Low contrast irritates the reader and causes eye fatigue. Viewers with impaired vision may not be able to read low contrast text at all.

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