Website Usability Improvement | Simple Tips for Improving Your Website Usability

Website Usability Improvement | Simple Tips for Improving Your...

Website Usability Improvement | When your website is highly usable, your audience is able to quickly digest the information you share with them — a vital goal to have for your website. Improved website usability leads to better results. More people are inclined to use a well-presented and well usable website, the more customer experience improves, sales rise and finally − revenues increase. A website’s design is often the first impression and as you already know first impressions are essential. This is specifically important for your website’s homepage, which should draw the most traffic.

Web usability is an important aspect of website design that every business needs to work on. The reason why is due to the fact that it influences everything from your site’s authority, virility, stickiness, to your conversion rates.

Website Usability Improvement | Website Design –

1. Concise Content | Website Usability Improvement

It’s a well-known fact that web users have very short attention spectrum and that we don’t read articles in details. A study investigating the changes in our reading habits behaviors in the digital age proved that we tend to skim web pages to find the information we want. So you better be brief and concise. Reduce your word content to a minimum. Simplify your writing. If you are writing for an expert audience then you need to explain your technical terms. Enable easy ways for non-experts to find out what your acronyms and difficult expressions mean. Give your users links to simple background data, so that the most casual visitor can work out what you are talking about. Also, sub-headings make the text a lot easier to scan through. Your readers will move to the section of the website that is most useful for them, and internal cues make it easier for them to do this.

Website Usability Improvement | Simple Tips for Improving Your...

2. Negative Space Usage | Website Usability Improvement

Negative space is also referred to as a white space. These are spaces without content. Although it’s as well called a white space, it doesn’t have to be white. It can be any color; it just doesn’t include any content. Even though negative space is inherently empty, it can strengthen a sense of simplicity in your design, and it can even provide an opportunity for some creative, clever design ideas. While you want to avoid content or cluttered images in negative space, feel free to use colors that match the color palette of your business or to utilize minimal designs that add to the general atmosphere of your site.

3. Contrast Principles | Website Usability Improvement

Contrast is the difference between two or more elements within a certain design. With contrast, a designer can build visual interest and direct the attention of the user. But imagine if all of the elements on a website were the same in style and appearance. No organization and no flow would be present. Some elements share a relationship, while others are not related in any aspect. The tricky part is being able to combine this visually and effectively. This is where the principle of contrast comes into an effect. Modern design uses many colors that speak well with one another. Making sure to combine the contrast into each one will help make your website layouts stand out and feel modern for many years to come.

Website Usability Improvement | Simple Tips for Improving Your...

Website Usability Improvement | Website Design –

4. Strategic Placement | Website Usability Improvement

There are many common segments on a website, such as: headlines, navigation, photos, graphics and text. Knowing what an element exactly is, will help you determine where it should be placed on the actual page. Placement and size of page segments can change eye flow on a web page to a great extent and impact your website conversion rate.

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