Wedding Photography Industry Secrets | Don’t Just Survive. Thrive! 6 Business Tips For The Modern Photographer

Wedding Photography Industry Secrets | Don't Just Survive. Thrive! 6 Tip...

Wedding Photography Industry Secrets | Starting any type of business can be a challenging endeavor, especially in an industry as saturated as the wedding photography industry. The great news is that the equipment has never been more affordable, so pretty much anyone passionate about the art of photography can get their hands on some basic gear and start shooting. The bad news, however, is that standing out is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge every photographer has to tackle in order to turn their passion into a profitable business.

Wedding Photography Industry Secrets | Website Design –

We’ve all seen many amateurs watch a few tutorials on YouTube and start calling themselves professional photographers. In fact, many successfully avoid all the common pitfalls associated with the startup stage, whereas many other incredibly talented photographers struggle to make ends meet for a few months, only to end up closing down their businesses. The truth of the matter is that your ability to take stunning photos will get you only so far. What is it that makes one photographer ridiculously successful, and others not so much? Let’s find out together!

Write Your Business Plan | Wedding Photography Industry Secrets

Every successful business owner will tell you that you need to write all of your goals if you’re serious about your photography business. And we don’t mean your plans and aspirations in general – we’re talking about a solid business plan. Think about how you’re going to cover your expenses until you start bringing in profits. Do you have some money saved up, or will you be taking a loan? What services will you be providing? What pricing packages will you offer to your potential clients? What is it that makes you unique in your area or your niche? The more detailed you get here, the less problems you’ll stumble upon later on.

Wedding Photography Industry Secrets | Don't Just Survive. Thrive! 6 Tip...

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Who Is Your Ideal Client? | Wedding Photography Industry Secrets

Let’s get one thing clear – the competition out there is fierce! You need to bring your A game and grab the attention of your target audience from the get-go if you want to stand a chance of succeeding. However, in order to do that, you need to know whose attention you’re trying attract. Will you be targeting budget-conscious brides to be? Or will you be specializing in same-sex marriages? Or would you rather work with high-brow brides to be? Will you be working only with local brides, or are you ready to travel? All these things will help you tailor every aspect of your business to match the needs and preferences of your ideal client and get yourself booked solid.

Set Your Rates | Wedding Photography Industry Secrets

Many photographers try to avoid the topic of pricing altogether, especially when just starting out. Some don’t feel confident in their skills, so they leave it to their potential clients to set the terms, while others don’t want to end up charging more than their competitors. Either way, you need to own up to the fact you’re a professional photographer now, and only you know how much you need to charge in order to keep your business afloat. Remember, it’s better to have a starting point, even if you have to lower your rate to secure a gig, than to leave it up to your potential clients to set the terms.

Procrastinate Wisely | Wedding Photography Industry Secrets

If you think social media is just a passing fad reserved for high-school students, you’re missing a critical business tool. Even the world’s biggest brands are using the power of social media to grow their outreach. However, keep in mind that not all social networks are created equal. The good news is that if you already defined your target audience, you won’t have any issues determining which networks are most popular among your target audience. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin, so join 3-4 networks and focus on building your presence.

It’s crucial you remember that social media isn’t your typical advertising platform. In fact, the last thing you want to do is bombard your followers, friends, and fans with generic sales messages. Instead, join the ongoing conversation and engage your potential and existing clients. Share tips and tricks, answer questions, and talk about the funny situations you had behind the camera. This will allow your potential clients to get to know you a bit better, which will make them more likely to hire you. It will also help you build a reputation of a reliable source of information and an industry leader!

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Wedding Photography Industry Secrets | Don't Just Survive. Thrive! 6 Tip...

Yes, You Need A Website | Wedding Photography Industry Secrets

Not so long ago, photographers had one way of standing out in a saturated market: carrying around printed portfolios from a meeting to a meeting and hoping to get hired. However, with the introduction of the Internet, you can get your work in front of anyone around the globe. The only thing you need is a website. However, you’re marketing to a generation that grew up online and is being constantly bombarded with overwhelming amounts of information both online and offline. This means you need your website to be just as stunning as your work in order to be able to stand out from the crowd and grab your ideal client’s attention.

Wedding Photography Industry Secrets | Website Design –

Evolve | Wedding Photography Industry Secrets

You’re business is a lot like a person. It will grow, change, and you need to cultivate that growth. Always keep an eye on your potential and existing clients, track all your efforts, and tweak them as soon as you notice something not working. Be on the lookout for new services and products you can offer to extend your outreach, and remember to have fun!

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